Discover the City of Catbalogan! A mouth-watering cuisine... The colorful tradition and festivities... Embark on an exhilirating adventure... Indulge the perfect bliss of calm and comfort... And a bit of everything...
Discover the City of Catbalogan!1 A mouth-watering cuisine...2 The colorful tradition and festivities...3 Embark on an exhilirating adventure...4 Indulge the perfect bliss of calm and comfort...5 And a bit of everything...6

A message from the City Mayor


13570330_10208471627685794_1221377222_oStatement of Mayor Stephany Uy-Tan during the AACCUP Accreditation at SSU:



To Samar State University headed by University President Dr. Marilyn D. Cardoso, Vice Presidents, Deans of Colleges and Directors of External Campuses, faculty members, non-teaching staff,

To the Accrediting Agency for Chartered Colleges and Universities of the Philippines (AACCUP) Evaluators headed by the Overall Coordinator Dr. Brigida Goscom.

To the Governor of the Province of Samar, Hon. Sharee Ann Tan Delos Santos and her staff present

To the students, headed by the SSC President of the Main Campus, Jason Ty.

Guests, Ladies and Gentlemen, Good Morning!

Welcome to the Trading and Services capital of the entire Island of Samar!

It is indeed a pleasure to welcome you here in Catbalogan on behalf of all Catbaloganons.

I am also extending my sincerest thanks to Samar State University for always inviting me to be part of the accreditation process of this great university.

For many years now, I have seen the transformation and evolution of Samar State University and the crucial role it played in the development of our communities.

In my previous engagements with the university during accreditation visits of AACCUP especially if I am tasked to welcome our guest accreditors, I have always emphasized two important points:
1. The partnerships that LGU Catbalogan and SSU have forged in furtherance of the shared vision of both institutions for an improved and sustainable society
2. The points of consideration why SSU should be granted with passing status in every accreditation process.

Today, I will still mention these two points. I will repeat all these again and again just to convince the AACCUP Team that it is not just the documents that tells a great and overwhelming picture of SSU but also as perceived by the Local Government Unit of Catbalogan.

I have to admit that the LGU with its limited financial and human resources but overwhelming responsibilities has to source out resources, expertise and talents from other institutions and organizations. Fortunately, Samar State University fills a substantial portion of this gap. To mention:
1. The university provides community activities to various barangays in the city that supplements and complements the LGU programs in fishery and countryside development through livelihood trainings, technology transfer, capability building trainings and skills enhancement sessions.
2. The university is also a valuable partner in Information, Education and Communication campaigns on health, environment and disaster risk and resiliency campaigns of the city
3. The university is also undeniably very supportive to the city by offering its facilities and premises for use during city events
4. And lastly, some of its personnel and professors are also in their individual capacities extending meaningful services to the city.

Also to convince our accreditation team, I should not fail to mention the following four reasons why for us in the LGU, SSU should not and must never fail in any accreditation process. These are, SSU has:
1. Outstanding Instruction, Outstanding Graduates
2. Relevant Researches, High Impact Extension Services
3. Competent Faculty, Proactive and Supportive Administration
4. Socially and Culturally Mindful University

1. Outstanding Instruction, Outstanding Graduates
You can check all these things in the accreditation documents, only one school in Catbalogan or even in the Province of Samar has garnered high passing percentages in licensure examinations as a matter of fact consistently garnered 100% passing percentage in Nursing Licensure Examinations, produced topnotchers in Engineering and Education Board Examinations, and has produced hundreds of graduates both undergraduate and graduate courses every year.

The eventual effect to the LGU or City in general is that it contributed to poverty incidence reduction because SSU helped in developing highly skilled individuals who are competitive in their field of specializations and have high degree of employability. The higher number of employed Catbaloganons, the higher the earning that our Catbaloganon families will have, the lower the poverty incidence.

2. Relevant Researches, High Impact Extension Services

These two functions are core functions of a state university. But beyond being functions, these helped LGUs and communities covered by the research and extension programs of SSU to develop new strategies to solve community problems, stimulate participation of locals in meaningful community actions and appreciate raw and indigenous approaches towards creating new ideas and products.

With this, LGU Catbalogan is very thankful and appreciative of the meaningful partnership it forged in various research and extension services with SSU such as Buluan Extension Service, Pantaw Pankomunidad Project in Baragay Ibol on Rock Oytser production, Skills and Livelihood Trainings, Solid Waste Management Programs in Barangays Cabugawan and Poblacion 13 and the future undertakings on helping Barangays in formulating Development Plans and the ODIN Wind Energy wherein there are already preliminary talks of SSU being the local technical partners of our Korean Investors.

The university is also targeted by our environment council or team to be the agency who will help us in the green house gasses inventory within the city of Catbalogan as part of our commitment for the Compact of Mayors during our international engagements in South Korea, Indonesia and in the future in Bogota, Colombia and Quito, Ecuador this October 2016. In line with our vision to make Catbalogan a resilient and sustainable city livable for all.

3. Competent Faculty, Proactive and Supportive Administration
If the LGU will be outsourcing talents or skilled individuals, one of the institutions that we always consider is SSU. Many of the faculty members of the university have been invited to become members of various technical working groups, and councils of the City and even rendered special tasks during major events of Catbalogan. To name a few, the Planning and Research Department of the University crucial role in the formulation of the Ten Year Solid Waste Management Plan passed last July this year, membership and active involvement of the GAD Director to the Local Council for Women, outsourcing faculty and student facilitators and organizers to Three Catbalogans Youth Leadership Summits, expertise of Language Professors and the unparalleled service rendered by the ICT Director in providing high technology judging system during Manaragat Monthlong Activities, and hiring of faculty lecturers during trainings.

All these involvements happened because of the proactive and supportive administration even before the time of Dr. Simon P. Babalcon Jr., to the time of Dr. Eusebio T. Pacolor and now with Dr. Marilyn D. Cardoso.

4. Socially and Culturally Mindful University

When we repackaged the tourism brand of the Catbalogan into the City of Manaragat, the university especially its cultural department easily adopted the same in its performing groups. I still can remember that it was SSU that represented Catbalogan in provincial festival competitions in Calbayog City. Up to the quest for Sinulog and Aliwan Championships, SSU has been a valuable partner. We never had hard time tapping faculty members and students to join us in our first ever Sinulog participation. Almost half of our dancers and talents and as a matter of fact our lead dancers in our Aliwan participation were from SSU. Meaning we will always be very grateful to this University for helping us, and the entire Catbalogan in achieving Tribu Katbalaugan’s Grand Championship in the Festival of Festivals, Aliwan Fiesta.

Also, the university played a very important role during the onslaught of 2014 and 2015 typhoons, namely Glenda, Ruby, Seniang and Amang. The university opened its doors as an evacuation center of those Catbaloganons who are at high risk areas. From the bottom of the hearts of our City leaders,

These top reasons gave the LGU reasons also to keep supporting the University in various ways such as:
1. For students, we are investing more than four million pesos per year to support our almost 1000 scholars in their tuition and other school needs. With a complimentary program for our scholars through the SPES (Special Program for Employment of Students) during summer.
2. For faculty, the LGU if I remember it right upon request and following the usual procedure has always granted full assistance to their activities from technical to logistical support especially in their extension activities.
3. For the administration, rest assured that the City would maintain its good and strong partnership with SSU. As the saying goes, we will hold our hands together, as we STEP forward together.

Thank you and may God bless you!

New Catbalogan Fish Port soon to operationalize

The City of Catbalogan thru the City Economic Enterprise & Public Utility Office, City Treasurer’s Office, City Agriculture in coordination with Philippine Coast Guard recently conducted a meeting and ocular visit last October 17, 2016 in connection with the forthcoming operationalization of the newly improved and rehabilitated fish port.

During the meeting, the mentioned offices identified and committed their respective responsibilities and duties should the construction be finished and the port will become operational. During the actual visit, the group identified how the areas will be utilized and for what purposes.

Catbalogan joins DOT Seminar for La Niña preparation

Catbalogan City attends the two-day “Safety / Security and Emergency Seminar” organized by the DOT RO8 as one of its initiatives to assist hotels and other tourism establishments along with local government units in preparation for La Niña, which greatly affects the region.

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Catbalogan City thru Mayor Step joins UCLG World Congress

“It was indeed an honor to represent our small city Catbalogan to the 5th World Summit of Local and Regional Leaders here in Bogota, Colombia” shares Mayor Step.

The World Summit of Local and Regional Leaders, organized by United Cities and Local Governments (UCLG), is the largest, most influential local and regional world leaders conference and global gathering of mayors, councillors, local governments, and our partners. The Summit will see the celebration of the 5th World Congress of UCLG.

Mayor Step presented Catbalogan’s experience and plans relative to urban development, climate change resiliency and local governance.

Catbalogan City was invited to the said world congress being an active member of UCLG Asia Pacific (ASPAC), which is one of the regional sections of UCLG — a worldwide association and the only local government organization recognized by the United Nations, which originally started as an amalgamation of International Union of Local Authorities, United Towns Organization (UTO), and World Association of the Major Metropolises (METROPOLIS).

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Call for Tribu Katbalaugan dancers now open

Be part of the growing family of Tribu Katbalaugan.

Be a dancer for Sinulog 2017 and join us as we venerate Señor Santo Niño and give thanks for the gracious blessings Catbalogan has received through the years.

Join the screening on Monday, October 17, 2016; 7:00 PM at the City Plaza.

SP calls for budget hearing for 2017 Annual Budget

Budget Hearing for 2017 Annual Budget of the City Government of Catbalogan last October 13, 2016 as called for the Sangguniang Panlungsod Committee on Finance and Appropriations.

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Call for Sinulog Festival Queen now open

Do you have what it takes to be Tribu Katbalaugan’s newest Sinulog Festival Queen in time for Sinulog 2017?

Visit Captivating Catbalogan Center (2nd Floor, AUB) on or before October 31, 2016 and be screened to be the next Sinulog Festival Queen.

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Mayor Step reports her First 100 Days


Para ngadto han aton mga actibo ngan hinigugma nga mga City Officials nga pinangungunahan ni Vice Mayor Art Sherwin Gabon, mga konsehales, ngadto han mga namumuno han magkadurudilain nga mga National Government Agencies nga Non-Government Organizations, mga kapitanes, department heads ngan mga empleyado han pangobyernohan han Ciudad han Catbalogan, Maupay nga aga ha iyo nga tanan!

Today, October 10, 25 years ago, the Local Government Code was enacted. It is a law that fully recognizes every Local Government as an autonomous unit with the will and capability to decide for their own destiny. As such, Local Government Units was given the free reign in attaining their own goals and realizing their future. It is anchored on the principle that the individual growth of every town or city contributes greatly to the growth of the nation. Since its passage into law, this piece of legislation has served as the blueprint for LGUs on how to become self-determining, self-governing and responsible agents of national development.

This means that for 25 years now, we have been enjoying the advantages brought about by this law. Thanks to Former Senator Aquilino “Nene” Pimentel Jr., who is acknowledged as the “Father of the Local Government Code,” being the principal author of the landmark law. He is the father of Sen. Aquilino ‘Koko’ Pimentel III, our current Senate President. The empowerment that we are enjoying today, the milestones and breakthroughs that we have achieved, all these are partly due to the set of legal and ethical standards that were provided in this legislation. Hence, it is to pay tribute to the spirit of accountability, good governance and transparency instilled in us by the Local Government Code that I chose to give an accounting of my first 100 days in office for my second term as Mayor of Catbalogan on this very moment.

The fact that I am standing before you today only means that my performance from the first term received your validation and approval. Although this knowledge fills me with joy, I am still extremely mindful of the fact that this second term is a crucial one. Because this is the time of determining if the plans that I have laid out before is finally taking shape. These first 100 days will show you that we are on the right track.

Han guin usa usa ko an akon planner tikang han lumingkod ako para han ikaduwa ko nga termino, nakita ko kun gaano na kadamo ngan kadagko an aton mga nakab-utan han aton pangobyernohan han naglabay nga 100 ka adlaw. Karuyagon ko man usa usahon an tanan pero nababaraka ako nga bain maudtohan kita nganhe dinhe ha plaza sanglit akon nala kamo tatagan han summary ngan magfofocus ako han highlight nga mga accomplishments.

I was able to cluster the major accomplishments, milestones and tasks that we have achieved, and done in the past 100 days namely:

  1. Continuation and expansion of the City hall at your Doorstep program of the City
  2. Promotion and strengthening of Catbalogan City Economic Enterprise and Investment Potentials
  3. Institutionalization of Catbalogan City Tourism, Culture and Arts programs
  4. Advancement of Environment Protection and Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation initiatives
  5. Formalization of Catbalogan City Development Roadmaps
  6. Solidification of the City’s Disaster and Climate Change Response Mechanisms and Structures
  7. Taken important initial steps in decongesting the city of Catbalogan and spearheaded in providing alternative housing options among Catbaloganons
  8. Maintained the financial sustainability of the City of Catbalogan
  9. Garnered various citation for our exceptional performance in governance
  10. Started the strict implementation of City Ordinances
  1. Continuation and expansion of the City hall at your Doorstep program of the City

Ha an parti han pagpadayon ngan pagpahuruhaluag han aton mga basic nga serbisyo ngan programa han Ciudad nga mahingadto gud ine han mga nanginginahanglan nga mga Catbaloganons, aadi an pipira nga mga datos han aton nakab-utan han naglabay nga mga adlaw.

  1. Para han City Civil Registrar Office
    1. Birth Registration-1024 (Free Birth Registration-90 beneficiaries)
    2. Marriage Registration-179
    3. Free Civil Wedding thru the Mass Wedding last August 134 couples-beneficiaries
  2. Para naman han City Veterinary Office
    1. Rabies vaccinations-600 beneficiaries
  3. City Agriculture Office
    1. Grains Enhancement Program-67 farmer beneficiaries
    2. High Value Crop Development Beneficiaries-750 farmer beneficiaries
    3. Fishery Management Development Program-310 fisher folk beneficiaries
    4. Farm Home Resource and Management Program-300 beneficiaries
  4. City Health Office
    1. For Maternal care-4000 beneficiaries
    2. Facilitated and monitoring of deliveries-821 beneficiaries
    3. Child Care services-almost 10000 beneficiaries
    4. Monitored for the Nutrition OPT Plus program-15,369 beneficiaries
    5. Consultations-7,215 clients
    6. Laboratory Services-1700 clients
    7. Mental Health programs-74 beneficiaries
    8. TB Dots treatment success rate-94.12%
    9. Dental Care Services-439 clients
    10. National School Deworming Program-14,769 pupil-beneficiaries (89.51% of the total enrolment)
  5. City Social Welfare and Development Office
    1. Assistance to individuals in Crisis Situations-242 families
    2. Livelihood Assistance-155 beneficiaries
    3. Parent Effectiveness Service-53 couples
    4. Empowerment and Reaffirmation of Paternal Abilities-130 fathers
    5. Provision of financial assistance to victims of abuse-3victimes
    6. Productivity Skills Capability Building training on Basic Electricity House Wiring- 100 women
    7. Re-orientation Seminar on Handling VAWC cases-57 barangay VAWC desk offices
    8. Forum on Women’s rights-135 women
    9. Burial assistance-187 families
    10. Medical assistance to senior citizens-155 beneficiaries
    11. Physical Restoration-23 beneficiaries
    12. Self and Social Enhancement Service-1000 senior citizens and 250 PWDs
    13. Forum on Magna Carta for PWDs-225 PWDs
    14. Conduct of Inclusive disaster risk reduction training-90 participants
    15. Leadership Trainings for community youths-114 beneficiaries
    16. Peer group service to out-of-school youths-120 OSYs

Also part of the services of the City Social Welfare and Development Office is the distribution of bags for daycare children in various barangays in Catbalogan that was done during the State of the City Address last August 1, 2016.


  1. City Division of Department of Education and Education sector as a whole
    1. The Standard Chartered Bank turned over 23 computers to the Office of the Schools Division Superintendent for multi media needs of the Division. The said turnover ceremony was followed by another formal turnover of livelihood packages that includes motorboats given by the said bank to parents of school children in island barangays of Catbalogan. Said motorboats are also used by the pupils in their transportation from their respective residences to their schools
    2. Facilitated in the preparation for the establishment of a stand alone agricultural school in Barangay San Vicente
    3. Assistance in the construction of a floating swimming pool in Sierra Island
    4. Grant of College Scholarships to almost 1000 recipients and subsidies to school fees to elementary pupils and highschool students.
  2. City Youth Development Office
    1. Leadership Trainings for Youth-220 youths
    2. Capability Building Trainings (Trainer’s Training)-40 beneficiaries
    3. Youth Volunteers trained-40 volunteers
  1. Promotion and strengthening of Catbalogan City Economic Enterprise and Investment Potentials

Guintalinguha gihapon naton nga maging mabaskog an aton economic enterprises nga guinmamaneho han ciudad sugad han aton merkado, pier, terminal ngan han aton public cemetery. Nag imbitar kita han mga investor para bumulig ha aton hine nga panginahanglan. Sunod sunod na nga bumisita ine hira han naglabay nga mga bulan sanglit ha dre maiha nga panahon, actually dre pa matatapos ine nga tuig magtitikang na an pag ayos han Primark han aton Central Public ngan Coastal Markets. An model ngan perspectives hine nga mga proyekto makikita niyo tanan didto hit aton exhibit ha luyo.

An CEEPUO bumulig pagfacilitate han mga consultative meetings with stall and space occupants including those residents affected by the construction of the Primark Mall. Kaupod gihapon hine nga pitad an magkamayada hin mga verifications ngan validations han mga kwalipikado nga mga occupants para han relocation han maapektuhan hine nga dako nga proyekto.

Kaapi gihapon han aton nakab-utan han naglabay nga 100 days amo an pag abre ngan pagiging operational han aton negosyo center timpo han aton Tourism Center ha igbaw han Asia United Bank (AUB).

Kaparti gihapon han aton paniguro nga maging business friendly city guintitikangan na an pagpahuruhaluag han aton Business One Stop Shop (BOSS) pangandam para han tiarabot nga business renewals and registrations ha masunod nga tuig.

  • Institutionalization of Catbalogan City Tourism, Culture and Arts programs

Ha ikatulo nga bahin han aton mga nakab-utan han nakalabay nga 100 ka adlaw amo an an pag-intutionalize han aton Tourism, Culture and Arts programs. An aton mga mga aktibidades nga guinbuhat kaparti hine amo an masunod:

  1. Launching of the Captivating Catbalogan Center (o an aton tourism center)
  2. Establishment of a tour package within Catbalogan City (Trysikul Package), makikita niyo ha luyo, ha aton exhibit an mga trysikol nga gagamiton hine nga tour
  3. Sunod sunod nga meeting han Culture and Arts Core Group ngan consultations ha mga magkadurudilain nga mga sectors kun diin naplastar an mga aktibidades han Quadricentennial celebration han Catbalogan. Usa nga dako nga naging output hine nga mga meetings amo an pagkamay-ada nga material ngan interpretasyon an history han Catbalogan tikang han 1616 kun diin nahimugso kita nga mission center ngada han yana nga presente nga panahon. Guinrecognizar gihapon han National Historical Commission of the Philippines an 1616 kumo tuig han kahimugso han Catbalogan.
  4. Pag-ayos ngan paglimpyo han aton mga potential tourism sites sugad han Parola, Pieta Park, Antiao River ngan ine nga Rizal Park or City Plaza.
  5. Pagproduce hin magkadurudilain nga promotional videos han Catbalogan Culture and Tourism. Makikita niyo ine nga mga Audio Visual Presentations ha aton exhibit.
  6. Pagpartisipar han ciudad han Catbalogan ha magkadurudilain nga national and international fairs sugad han 3rd International Travel Festival ha Cebu City ngan Exhibition of the 6th United Cities and Local Governments – Asia Pacific (UCLG – ASPAC) Congress 2016 ha Gunsan, South Korea
  7. Inclusion of Catbalogan in the project: The Layag Samar: Sakayan Pagparibhong (Toward a Sustained Cultural Development of Samar), which is to be implemented by Samar State University and the Samar Heritage Center Foundation.

Dako nga parti han hine nga mga accomplishments an pagbulig ngan guidance ni Ms. Charo Nabong Cabardo an aton Local nga Historian ha Ciudad han Catbalogan.

  1. Advancement of Environment Protection and Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation initiatives

We are also continually doing activities and implementing programs on environmental protection and preservation and on combating the ill effects of Climate Change. We are also very serious in addressing the solid waste management challenge that we are facing in Catbalogan.

The following are important data that indicates our success efforts on environment:

  1. In terms of Forest Ecosystem Programs, we have a total of 18 hectares covered of the bamboo reforestation program and planted about 4000 seedlings in our fruit trees reforestation initiatives
  2. In terms of Freshwater Ecosystem Program, we just had a Memorandum of Agreement with the Environmental Management Bureau (EMB)-DENR on the Management of the Antiao River through the Adopt a Estero Project
  3. Clean Up drives conducted last July 2016 known as Pintakasi 2016 in connection with the Quadricentennial Celebration attended and participated by almost 3000 participants from various schools, sectors, non-government organizations, national agencies, communication and civic volunteers, barangay officials, community members and government employees. Also last September, a clean up drive was held in which there are about 800 participants.
  4. For the Ecological Solid Waste Management Program, through IEC Campaigns to 572 establishments, privatization of solid waste collection and conduct of Solid Waste Management Orientation and Workshops
  5. For the Coastal Resources Development Program, we already reforested about 36 hectares of mangrove areas in Catbalogan Coastal Communities

As part of promoting environmental protection and preservation, the City is embarking on policy redirections to encourage Catbaloganons to also compliment the city initiatives on these through the following ordinances pending for submission to the Sanggunian but already discussed during the Executive and Legislative Agenda Formulation Workshop.

  1. Amendment of the anti littering ordinance to include responsibilities of Barangays in maintaining cleanliness on their respective jurisdiction with inclusion of schedule of penalties.
  2. Amendment of the said ordinance to increase penalties of violators doing littering.
  3. Monthly clean-up drives in the barangays
  4. Quarterly clean-up drives in Catbalogan City to be participated by all sectors
  5. Ordinance regulating the use of plastics and styrofoam
  6. Formalization of Catbalogan City Development Roadmaps

Kaparti pa gihapon han paniguro han ciudad nga magkamay-ada hin tama ngan madig-on nga plano para han kabubuwason han ciudad ngan para liwat mahiplastar hin maupay an mga plano, programa ngan proyekto han ciudad kun ibabalanse ine han available nga limitado resources han city, guinpanigurohan han ciudad nga mahimo ngan mafinalize an City Development Plan for 2017-2022, Local Development Investment Plan for 2017-2019 and the Executive and Legislative Agenda for 2017-2019.  These plans must be finalized and adopted by the City in order that our city officials, department heads and employees, civil society and investors will have a reference in their future undertakings because these plans reflect long term and comprehensive blue print for city and for its sustainable development in the future.

  1. Solidification of the City’s Disaster and Climate Change Response Mechanisms and Structures

With the final acquisition of the 8 hectare lot in Barangay Payao that will be the center for evacuation and resettlement for the city of Catbalogan to be known as the STEP Northern Center, the city can now implement its long overdue projects with regards to Disaster Response such as the:

  1. Construction of a tenement building
  2. Construction of an evacuation center

The said area will also be a part of the relocation of the victims of the past calamities through the construction of bunkhouses, which will serve as their temporary residences pending the construction of the tenement buildings.

Kaupod han aton paniguro para maging Climate Change ready an aton syudad amo an pag implementar han aton mga naging commitment han Compact of Mayors han ICLEI. Titikangan na naton an Greenhouse Gases inventory ha aton syudad. Usa ine han aton mga pitad nga angay buhaton labi na gud nga kita an nanguna han mga syudad ha Rehiyon 8 para umapi han Compact of Mayors.


  • Taken important initial steps in decongesting the city of Catbalogan and spearheaded in providing alternative housing options among Catbaloganons

The following are the updates or important events that happened in the past 100 days with regards to the City’s initiative to decongest the city including provision of affordable alternative housing option to all

  1. Groundbreaking ceremony for the socialized housing in Barangay Payao in partnership with the Home Development Mutual Fund (Pag-IBIG Fund) last August 1, 2016
  2. Signing of the agreement between the landowners and the Suntrust Megaword for the Sky City Mega Development Project where the new government center will be located, a new business center will be established and a medium to high cost housing will be situated.
  3. A Korean Investors, Big Korea-PH and Golden Triumph Corporation, through its series of visits in the City pledged to support the city in its future development projects such as the establishment of the industrial zone in Barangay Maulong Reclamation Area which will also house the City Grand Terminal to help ease traffic congestion within the City center.
  4. Finalization of the design of the new City hall during the visit in Seoul, South Korea last September 2016 with Odin Energy which will be constructed in the Sky City.
  5. Gawad Kalinga representatives visited the site in Barangay Payao for any possible projects that they will be implementing in partnership with the City for resettlement of those who will be affected by our future development projects.
  • Maintained the financial sustainability of the City of Catbalogan

Tungod han aktibo nga pamunuan han magkadurudilain nga mga revenue collecting departments han Catbalogan labi na gud ngadto han City Treasurer’s Office, CEEPUO, City Agriculture Office, City Mayor’s Office, BPLO, City Assessor’s Office, harane na naton makab-utan an aton target revenue collection yana nga tuig. Mayda na kita collection nga Php 55M short hin Php 9M han aton target nga Php 64M bisan pa mayda pa kita harane 3 ka bulan nga nabibilin yana nga tuig. Humitaas gihapon an aton Internal Revenue Allotment amounting to Php 547M ha masunod nga tuig 2017 mas huruhataas han yana nga tuig nga Php 466M la.

  1. Garnered various citation for our exceptional performance in governance

During the first 100 days in office for my second term as City Mayor, we attended the 4th Regional Competitiveness Summit held last July 14 at PICC Reception Hall in there we learned that we improved our standing in the Competitiveness Index of the National Competitiveness Council’s Cities and Municipalities rising to rank 46th  this year from 104th spot last year out of more than a hundred participating component cities in the Philippines, Catbalogan City.

  1. Ranked 17th in terms of government efficiency in the entire Philippines.
  2. Regionally, ranked second to Ormoc in the ranking for component cities, making Catbalogan the most competitive city in the island of Samar and third most competitive LGU in Eastern Visayas after Tacloban and Ormoc.
  • Maintained its position as the center and the most competitive LGU of Samar Province.

Tungod liwat han aton paningkamot nga makahatag han mas affordable ngan accessible nga serbisyo panlawas, an aton siyudad, ginkilala han PHILHEALTH ha ikaduha nga higayon pinaagi han usa nga award komo “accredited collecting agent” nga LGU nga mayda pinakahitaas nga premium collection ha bug-os nga Rehiyon 8.

Tungod gihapon han aton nahipakita nga commitments ngan initiative for a sustainable and liveable city, narecognizar an Catbalogan ha international arena ngan tungod hine naelect kita as Executive Bureau and Council Member han United Cities and Local Governments ha Asia Pacific ngan World. Amo ito nga mabyahe kita ngadto ha Colombia nga Ecuador para hine nga aton mga responsabilidad ngan para liwat mahipromote ngan makabiling pa hin mas damo nga partners ngan investors para magpundo han mga proyekto ha ciudad han Catbalogan.

  1. Started the strict implementation of City Ordinances

Naniguro gihapon an syudad nga tikangan na an strikto nga pag implementar han mga local nga ordinansa han Catbalogan sugad han:

  1. Curfew
  2. Anti Illegal Fishing
  3. Violations han Traffic Ordinances
  4. Anti Littering Ordinance
  5. Anti Stray Animal
  6. Anti Smoking Ordinances

Dire kita maundang pag implementar hine nga mga ordinansa ngada han maging batasan na han mga mulopyo an pagsunod han balaud. The law may be harsh but it is still the law. Damo an mareklamo pero hunahunaon naton waray kita igrereklamo han aton kadakop kun ha una nga bahin naging masunoron kita han mga balaudnon.


Ine nga aton mga nakab-utan han naglabay nga 100 ka adlaw dire la ine accomplishments han mga empleyado, department heads ngan officials han City of Catbalogan, kundi aton ine ngatanan upod an mga ordinary nga mulopyo han mga barangay. An iyo pag-ugop hine nga aton hinigugma nga syudad pag-ugop gihapon para han kauswagan han Catbalogan ngan kabubuwason hine. Ha utro, hul-os an akon pagpasalamat ha iyo ngatanan, Let us hold our hands together and step forward forever for an improved, livable and sustainable city for all.

Thank you and may God bless you!


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Catbalogan celebrates silver anniversary of Local Government Code

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Catbalogan undergoes heritage mapping

To identify and record all relevant physical and functional information about cultural heritage assets of Catbalogan, the National Commission for Culture and the Arts and the Samar State University in collaboration with Samar Heritage Center Foundation and the City Government of Catbalogan conducted a workshop on Heritage Mapping of Catbalogan last October 7, 2016 at the SP Session Hall in Catbalogan City Hall.

The activity is part of Phase 1 implementation of the Layag Samar project that specifically aims to develop and implement various activities towards a sustained cultural development for Samar.

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City convenes Peace & Order and Anti-Drug Abuse Councils

By invite of Mayor Stephany Uy-Tan, the City Peace & Order Council and the Anti-Drug Abuse Council convened for a joint meeting last Friday, September 30, 2016 at Twins Resto.

Discussed by the joint meeting were the peace and order situation in the city and workshops were conducted that identified the current issues related to drug and the possible interventions all sectors must be made to address it.

Per report of PNP Chief of Police Barbosa, generally, there is an increase in crime clearance and efficiency compared to last year but Catbaloganons are said to be still reluctant to participate in the war against illegal drugs.

As the council members were grouped into sectors, issues that came up during discussions revolved around the absence of a rehabilitation facility, the need of a coordinate operation and the realization that there must be pre and post addiction interventions.

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