Discover the City of Catbalogan! A mouth-watering cuisine... The colorful tradition and festivities... Embark on an exhilirating adventure... Indulge the perfect bliss of calm and comfort... And a bit of everything...
Discover the City of Catbalogan!1 A mouth-watering cuisine...2 The colorful tradition and festivities...3 Embark on an exhilirating adventure...4 Indulge the perfect bliss of calm and comfort...5 And a bit of everything...6

A message from the City Mayor


13570330_10208471627685794_1221377222_oStatement of Mayor Stephany Uy-Tan:


Today, I stand infront of you with humility and gratefulness to our Divine Creator who blest me with the position I am holding now and to the majority of Catbaloganons who gave me their unrelenting support.  It is with compassion, strength, wisdom and integrity that I continue to make worthy of this task given to me. Through this State of the City Address, aside from being a fulfillment of our trust to promote Inclusive, Participative, Transparent, and Accountable governance, aton tatagan hin doon an pagpadayon han natikangan nga paghimo hin dumagko nga mga pitad para han kauswagan han Ciudad han Catbalogan.

We cannot deny that the first term of my leadership as your first ever lady mayor of Catbalogan, has been challenging years for the City. It was during these years that the region was faced with the unthinkable destruction of the strongest typhoon of modern human history, ST Yolanda or Haiyan. Local Government Units affected by the typhoon did not know during that time how to cope up with the tremendous devastation to the lives and properties of its constituents. Our City even though we are not directly affected by the typhoon was faced with the influx of people coming from those areas devastated by the typhoon. As a response, we acted as de facto regional center of Eastern Visayas and have to offer almost all human services to those affected. We never stayed as passive helper to all these LGUs, we reached out to them and offered almost all of our resources.

Matapos ang isang taon nang ating panunungkulan, tayo naman ang pininsala ng sunod sunod na bagyo. Mula sa bagyo Glenda, Ruby, Seniang na kung saan kumitil ito na maraming buhay at Amang, tayo ay nanatiling matatag. Sinikap natin na maibigay ang nararapat na proteksyon, at serbisyo sa ating mga kababayan. Sinikap natin na matuto sa mga aral na ibinigay ng mga kalamidad na ito.

We also wake up one day competing in an unnecessary battle. One of our nearby LGUs would like to take away from us the identity of being the trading and services capital of the Island of Samar. They took advantage of their close ties to the higher ups and arbitrarily offered some of our national agencies to transfer to their city-even sacrificing the comfort of majority of Samarnons.

We must be reminded that the government exists not to be comforted by the resources of our taxpayers; rather it should be the taxpayers who should be comforted by their contributed funds to the government. If an agency agrees to relocate because they are offered by a free lot and would mean that their target clients will be travelling for more that three hours, then that agency is guilty of not fulfilling its mandate to offer genuine accessible and client friendly public service.

Tayo din po ay humarap sa mga kritisismo at mga duda ng iilan na halos walang magawa kundi bumato ng batikos sa ating ginagawa. Itong mga tao ay iba dun sa mga taong nagbibigay ng mga comento para maitaas ang antas ng ating pamumuno. Sila yung mga taong palaging tinitingnan ang ating mali at mahirap sa kanilang kalooban na magbigay puri sa mga ginagawa nating tama at mahusay.

But our leadership is guided with a positive attitude that public service premised in a transparent, accountable, and responsive governance shall not be motivated by the criticisms of the pessimists; rather it should draw inspiration from those constituents who believe in the capacity of their leaders, cooperate with the government and share resources with the community in achieving a progressive future for all. For service to public is not about satisfying the wants and wishes of the critics but it is offering a noble sacrifice to be the catalyst of a movement to uplift the state of its served populace and the betterment of its locality.

But amidst all these, we all remained strong and rose to a higher level that we are now. You all have witnessed the unprecedented successes and accomplishments that we have achieved for the past three years.

Catbalogan formulates ELA and CapDev for the next 3 years

The City Government of Catbalogan and its officials and departments convened for the formulation of the 2017-2019 Executive and Legislative Agenda (ELA) and Capacity Development (CapDev) Agenda as required by the Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG).

The ELA is a term-based plan taken out from the Comprehensive Development Plan, which contains the major development thrusts and priorities of both the executive and legislative branches for the three-year term of office.

On the other hand, the CapDev Agenda outlines the capacity development strategies, programs and initiatives that need to be undertaken to address identified organizational competency gaps, indicating the target groups, specific recommended approaches, resources required and timeline.

Bulk of the ELA is geared towards the expansion of the city’s economic and climate proofing through the Sky City Mega Project as well as other major projects. Other identified were separated into social protection, economic, institutional, infrastructure and environmental.

The said workshop was facilitated by the City DILG and attended by no less than City Mayor Stephany Uy-Tan and the department and program heads representing the executive branch, Vice Mayor Art Sherwin Gabon along with the City Councilors representing the legislative branch.

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Catbaloganons unite for International Coastal Clean-Up Day

The City Government of Catbalogan through the City Environmental and Natural Resources Office (City ENRO) joins the world in the conduct of the International Coastal Cleanup today, September 17, 2016 in select coastal areas.

Coastal Cleanup Day was established by the Ocean Conservancy, an organization that work to help protect the ocean from the challenges it faces every year. Every year thousands of tons of garbage winds up in the oceans, with 60% of that being composed of plastic material. Plastics especially last a very long time in the ocean, and are in such abundance that there are 46,000 individual pieces of plastic litter for every square mile of ocean. Plastics are very hazardous to marine life, killing more than a million birds and over 100,000 seals, turtles, and whales, and an immense number of fish in our ocean.

Led by no less than City Mayor Stephany Uy-Tan, the activity was participated in by the Philippine Army, PNP Catbalogan, Bureau of Fire Protection Catbalogan, City Division DepEd, SSU, Samar College and Barangay Officials and civic organizations.

Coastal Cleanup Day encourages us to get out to our beaches and help to limit this problem by cleaning up the garbage that has washed up on shore, and that left by visitors every day.

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Era 3 and 4 of the 15 part historical-cultural presentation

Era 3 – 1600-1800 Moro Raids (Samar College)
Era 4 – 1800 After Decrease of Moro Piracy, Brisk Trading, Economy of Catbalogan grows (Guinsorongan National High School)

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Era 1 and 2 of the 15 part historical-cultural presentation

Era 1 – Pre-Spanish Period before 1596 (Samar National School)
Era 2 – 1616 – Founding of Catbalogan, transfer of Mission Center/Residencia from Tinago to Katbalaugan (Catbalogan National Comprehensive High School)

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Catbalogan joins 2016 Samar Day parade

City Government of Catbalogan joins the Samar Day 2016 Parade in support of the Provincial Government of Samar.

(Photos by Paulus Aragon)

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O Catbalogan! Cuatro Cientos Ka na!

Tonight was the start of the 15-part historical-cultural presentation of 15 schools in Catbalogan City dubbed as “O CATBALOGAN! Cuatro Cientos Ka na!”.

The following are the schedules of presentation:
1. Pre-Spanish Period before 1596
Samar National School – August 11
2. 1616 – Founding of Catbalogan, transfer of Mission Center/Residencia from Tinago to Katbalaugan
Catbalogan National Comprehensive High School – August 11
3. 1600-1800 Moro Raids Samar College – August 12
4. 1800- After Decrease of Moro Piracy, Brisk Trading, Economy of Catbalogan grows
Guinsorongan National High School – August 12
5. 1768 – 1898 – Changing of Administrators; Departure of Jesuits, Arrival of Franciscans to departure of Franciscans in 1898
Antonio G. Tuazon National High School – August 13
6. 1898 – New Republic of the Philippines
Catbalogan III Elementary School – August 13
7. 1900-1902 Philippine-American War in Samar
Samar State University – August 14
8. June 1902 – Erection of Civil Government in Samar
St. Mary’s College of Catbalogan – August 14
9. World War II Comes to Catbalogan
Catbalogan II Elementary School – August 15
10. Peace, Catbalogan after World War II
Catbalogan I Elementary School – August 15
11. The Church of Catbalogan
Pangdan National High School – August 16
12. 1950s-‘60s The Golden Years of the Fishing Industry in Catbalogan
Catbalogan V Elementary School – August 16
13. 1972-1986 Martial Law Period
Catbalogan IV Elementary School – August 17
14. 1987 – The Doña Paz Tragedy
Eastern Visayas Regional Science High School – August 17
15. 2000- Catbalogan Becomes A City
Silanga High School – August 18

Bulilit’s Night

Tonight August 10 will be the BULILIT’S NIGHT featuring the City Dance Scholars under Bro. Odon Sabarre as well special numbers from St. Mary Child Development Center (SMCDC), Catalyst Academy Education System, Inc., DORCAS Daycare Center.

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Catbaloganon beauty wins Mutya han Samar 2016

And the crown returns to Catbalogan after eight (8) years.

Congratulations to reigning Miss Manaragat, MS. BOHBELLE FRUCTUOSO for winning the title of Mutya han Samar 2016.

The last crown won by Catbalogan City was in 2008 by Ms. Louiesa Kay C. Granada who also won on that year the Miss Anyag crown in Calbayog City.

As part of the quadricentennial celebration, the City Government of Catbalogan spearheaded the Quadricentennial Kasalang Bayan last August 08, 2016 offering couples a chance to be wed civilly and at the church morally as coordinated by the Office of the City Civil Registrar.

Nearly two hundred (200) individuals or nearly one hundred (100) couples exchanged vows at the Samar National School Covered Court, which followed a mass church wedding at the Church of St. Bartholomew.

This is part of the ongoing support of Mayor Stephany Uy-Tan to families who are in need of legal documents and a blessing for their shared love and commitment.

Mister and Miss Manaragat 2016 Pre-Pageant Night