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Students from Samar College who were in the audience burst into cheers when schoolmate, 16 -year old Lyra Rabi Eneran, was announced as the 2011 Miss Manaragat during the Miss Manaragat Beauty Pageant Grand Coronation Night held at the City Plaza last August 22, 2011.

A consistent honor student at the Samar College, Eneran answered with aplomb the final question “what is the best thing that happened to Catbalogan City?” To this, she readily answered in the local dialect that the best thing that happened to Catbalogan City was the progress it has experienced of late which is evident in the establishments and infrastractures to be found here.

The young beauty representing Barangay Maulong, emerged as a favorite in this stage of the pageant having bagged the minor awards for Best in Swimsuit, Best in Long Gown, Best in Eco-Filipiniana Terno and several special awards such as Miss Photogenic and Darling of the Press as well as others given by various pageant sponsors. All these gave her enough points to make it to the final round along with eventual first runner-up Ms. Glennah Marie Avenido of Brgy. 04 Poblacion and second runner-up Ms. Oddette Maffi Tarrayo who represented Brgy. 11 Poblacion.

Avenido, a licensed nurse who stood out during the Pre-Pageant Night bagged two minor awards namely Best in Talent and Best in Casual Wear, two of the competitions that were screened in this earlier stage of the pageant. Tarrayo, a college student taking up Medical Technology at the Remedios Trinidad Romualdez Medical Foundation, was chosen for the Miss Eloquence Award.

Lou Dominique Piczon and Jasmin Japson, representatives of Brgy. 03 Poblacion and Brgy. 01 Poblacion respectively , were the two other candidates who made it to the Top 5. Piczon, a senior from the Mentally Gifted class of Samar National School, was also given the Miss Professionalism minor award and the Miss Facebook special award for gaining a wide lead in the online voting with a total of 860 votes. Japzon, a BSED Biology Student from the Samar State University won the minor award for Best in Manaragat Festival Costume. Miss Rachel Rondina, a senior at the Antonio G. Tuason High School and representing the Sierra Group of Islands, was also given the minor award for Miss Congeniality.

1st National Manaragat Triathlon Challenge – Catbalogan City

1st National Manaragat Triathlon Challenge

August 21, 2011
Catbalogan City, Samar


The City Government of Catbalogan and the 8th Infantry Division, Philippine Army with support from various sponsors and companies.




Swimming – 750 meters – Guinsorongan Beach

Biking – 30 kilometers – Guinsorongan Beach to Buri Airport to City Hall

Running – 7 kilometers – City Hall to Barangay Payao then back to City Hall


The Triathlon is open to all athletes both amateurs and professionals aging from 18 years old and above.



Over-all Winners:

P40, 000.00 Cash and Medal – First Place

P20, 000.00 Cash and Medal – Second Place

P10, 000.00 Cash and Medal – Third Place


Apart from the first three finishers who will bag the cash prizes, earliest finishers for the different age categories will receive the following:

1st Placer – P 5,000.00 + Medal

2nd Placer – P 2,500.00 + Medal

3rd Placer – P 1,500.00 + Medal


Category A (Male) and Category A (Female): 18 to 30 years old

Category B (Male) and Category B (Female): 31 to 45 years old

Category C (Male) and Category C (Female): 46 years old and above


Special Prizes

Youngest and Oldest Triathletes

Triathlete from Farthest Place, 1st Catbaloganon Traithlete




Registration Fee is P2, 500.00 inclusive of the following:

– 1 day accommodation with meals

– Fare from Tacloban to Catbalogan and vice versa

– Souvenir Pack plus Singlet

– Socials on the event night with dinner and live band



To Register

Please download this form  Manaragat Triathlon – Registration Form  and submit along with your scanned payment receipts to:

Account Name:          Ador Leanda Hurtado

Account Number:      6060027767 (BDO)

0607041008 (Landbank)

G-Cash Account:        0917.700.3696

Email Address: 


For inquiries, please contact:

Ms. Hannia A. Tan          +63.917.308.7379

Mr. Noel Pagdonsolan   +63.917.523.1908




Triathlon Teaser








Miss Manaragat 2011 Pre-Pageant

After several candidates backed out from the Miss Manaragat Beauty Pageant, only twelve (12) candidates vied for the four special awards that were to be screened and judged during the Pre-Pageant Night held last August 14, 2011 at the New Maqueda Bay Hotel and Restaurant.

Of this twelve, four have excelled in the competitions that will determine the winners for four of the special awards namely Best in Swimsuit, Best in Casual Wear, Best in Talent and Miss Eloquence. It has been customary  to name the three best candidates in each category. The winners will then be announced during the Coronation Night.

Candidates number four (4) Lou Dominique Piczon, nine (9) Glennah Avenido, and eleven (11) Odette Tarrayo stood out in the swimsuit and casual wear competitions. On the other hand, contestant number five (5) Jasmin Japzon, along with Avenido and Tarrayo are the strong contenders for the Best in Talent and Miss Eloquence awards.

The Miss Eloquence Award will be based on the candidates’ performance in the preliminary interview, which was conducted during the Pre-Pageant Night itself, and the one-on-one interview which was conducted on the first day of the pageant week. Each stage of the interview are equivalent to fifty percent of the final score for this award.

The Best in Swimsuit, Best in Casual Wear, Best in Talent and Miss Eloquence are just four of the seven minor awards that make up ninety (90%) of the final score that will serve as basis for selecting the three finalists who will compete for the ultimate title of Miss Catbalogan City, the Ambassadress of the Environment. The remaining ten percent (10%) will be taken from the candidates professionalism. Three minor awards are still up for grabs during the Coronation Night namely the Best in Manaragat Festival Costume, Best in Eco-Filipiniana Terno and Best in Evening Gown. Special awards like Miss Photogenic, Miss Congeniality and Darling of the Press along with others to be given by sponsors will be announced on the Coronation Night as well.


Catbaloganon Beauties shine at Miss Manaragat 2011: The Search for Miss Catbalogan City

Twelve (12) Catbaloganon Beauties are vying for the 2011 Miss Manaragat: The Search for Miss Catbalogan City.


Candidate No. 1 MS. RACHEL P. RONDINA, Sierra Islands

Candidate No. 2 MS. LYRA RABI ENERAN, Barangay Maulong

Candidate No. 3 MS. JONALYN MONTEJO, Barangay San Andres

Candidate No. 4 MS. LOU DOMINIQUE A. PICZON, Barangay 03 Poblacion

Candidate No. 5 MS. JASMIN B. JAPZON, Barangay 01 Poblacion

Candidate No. 6 MS. PEARL E. GONZAGA, Barangay Guindapunan

Candidate No. 7 MS. ANA MARJORIE CAYAS, Barangay Silanga

Candidate No. 8 MS. MARIA LOURDES P. PAPIONA, Barangay Pangdan

Candidate No. 9 MS. GLENNAH MARIE A. AVENIDO, Barangay 04 Poblacion

Candidate No. 10 MS. JACKIE LYN R. ESCALA, Barangay 13 Poblacion

Candidate No. 11 MS. ODETTE MAFFI B. TARRAYO, Barangay 08 Poblacion

Candidate No. 12 MS. KRISTINE MAE B. BACULPO, Barangay Mercedes


Congratulations to the candidates who gave their best during the 2011 Miss Manaragat Pre-Pageant last August 14, 2011 at New Maqueda Bay Hotel & Restaurant.

Although the Top Three Candidates for the Casual Wear, Swimsuit, Talent and Eloquence were announced, everyone has still a fair chance of winning the crown because four more competitions are at stake next week during the Grand Coronation Night on August 22, 2011 at City Plaza!



The officials candidates to the 2011 Miss Manaragat Beauty Pageant: The Search for Miss Catbalogan City faced members of professional and campus press last August 10, 2011 at the Honeyben’s Flaming Hat Restaurant.

The candidates’ first public appearance came after an orientation held at the same venue, wherein they were briefed regarding pageant rules and regulations as well as the proper conduct required of them during activities including rehearsals.

The ladies who appeared before the press were Rachel Rondina (#1, Sierra Islands), Lyra Rabi Eneran (#2, Brgy. Maulong), Liberty Bonafe (#3, Brgy. Estaka Buri), Lou Dominique Piczon (#4, Brgy. 4 Poblacion), Jasmin Japzon (#5, Brgy. 11 Poblacion), Pearl Gonzaga (#6, Brgy. Guindapunan), Ana Marjorie Cayas (#7, Brgy. Silanga), Maria Lourdes Papiona (#8, Brgy. Canlapwas), Ma. Jenebie Hernandez (#9, Brgy. Pangdan), Glennah Avenido (#10, Brgy. 04 Poblacion), Vilma Montaña (#11, Brgy. Darahuway Dako), Jackie Lyn Escala (#12, Brgy. 13 Poblacion), Oddette Maffi Tarrayo (#13, Brgy. 08 Poblacion) and Kristine Mae Baculpo (#14, Brgy. Mercedes).

As of this writing, three (3) of the candidates particularly Bonafe, Montaña,  and Hernandez have backed out. In Bonafe’s place came Ms. Jonalyn Montejo who will represent Brgy. San Andres. Contestant number 5, Jasmin Japzon has also changed her representation and is now the official candidate of Barangay 01 Poblacion. These changes have reduced the number of candidates to twelve (12) in all.

Aside from being the basis for choosing the Darling of the Press Special Award, the press conference is also the activity wherein the pageant’s theme is most explored. The original theme, which is “Rediscovering Catbalogan’s True Beauty”, was retained for this year although it now focuses on two main issues namely environmental protection and cultural preservation. The first step that organizers to address the latter is to have all interviews be conducted in the local vernacular.

The members of the press who were present for the presscon included PIA-Samar Manager Alice Nicart, DYMS Anchor Myra Mabangue-Tambor, Publisher Ray Gaspay, contributor Emy Bonifacio, Samar National School’s The Samariñan Editor-in-Chief Paul Saisses and Marian Footprints Editor-in-Chief Mark Bernales from St. Mary’s College-Catbalogan.

Following a photo shoot right after the press conference, the candidates sat for a one-on-one interview with PIA Manager Nicart and Councilor Stephany Uy-Tan for the first of two interviews that will serve as a basis for the awarding of the Miss Eloquence award on Coronation Night.


Catbalogan V District and Antonio Tuazon Memorial High School stuns the audience


Catbalogan V District and Antonio Tuazon Memorial High School performed last August 05, 2011 at City Plaza.

Although it started late due to the bad weather, the schools nevertheless gave a stellar performance complete with song and dance numbers as well as a fashion show of various materials and styles gleefully paraded by pupils both girls and boys.

Catbalogan IV District and Silanga Elementary School performs at City Plaza

On August 04, 2011 at City Plaza, Catbalogan IV District and Silanga Elementary School gave the audience the first tandem cultural presentation scheduled during the first two weeks of August.

A mix of modern and traditional presentations were performed at the City Plaza by the two institutions.


Catbalogan III District showers a mix of performance amidst the short rain


Pupils from different campuses within the district of Catbalogan III gave varied performances from song numbers to dance numbers and even poem recitals.

The short rainshowers didn’t stop them in giving the audience a fun and creative cultural presentation last August 03, 2011 at City Plaza.


The Catbalogan City Agro-Industrial Trade Fair, one of the regular activities of the City Government in line with the Manaragat Festival Monthlong Fiesta Celebration, opened yesterday August 3, at the City Hall grounds.

Fr. Pines Tabones led in blessing the trade fair area and was joined by Department Heads, city officials, City Agriculture Office employees and small-scale producers as witnesses. City Agriculturist Ruth Dasal then did the honours of cutting the ceremonial ribbon, with the assistance of Assistant City Agriculturist Daniel Daguman to signal the official opening of the 2011 Catbalogan City Agro-Industrial Trade Fair. Other officials who graced the affair were City Councilors Teodoro “Teddy” Ilagan, Maximo “Max” Pescos and Stephany “Step” Uy-Tan.

This year’s trade fair saw the participation of LGU initiated groups such as the City Agriculture Office (CAO) and the Catbalogan City Camera Club (CCCC). The CAO is selling agricultural products harvested by farmers’ groups, which they have organized and which were cultivated in the LGU-owned and managed green house.

Jointly organized by the City Government and the Department of Trade and Industry-Samar (DTI), the trade fair was originally conceptualized as a venue where provincial producers will be able to promote their products and introduce it to a wider market. The Association of Samar Producers (ASaP) and the Marabut Furnitures are known regular participants while taking part for the first time is the Feel Good N’ Comfy (FGC), a company selling a line of organic beauty products.

Catbalogan II District performs at City Plaza


Catbalogan II District gave a fun-filled performance last August 02, 2011 at City Plaza on their scheduled Cultural Performance. A variety show of dance presentations and song numbers filled the night with fun and entertainment.