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Abstract Calculated Infra 2015-024 Repair Rehab of Dumpsite

Abstract Calculated Infra 2015-024 Repair Rehab of Dumpsite

Catbalogan readies for Quadricentennial celebration

Catbalogan City embarks on another milestone as 2015-2016 becomes our jubilee year for the Quadricentennial Celebration or 400th year anniversary since the establishment of St. Bartholomew Parish as the Mission Center and “Residencia” by the Jesuit Missionaries and Catbalogan as the “Cabecera” or Capital of Samar Island.

The year-long celebration from August 2015 to August 2016 will carry the theme “Catbalogan, Higugmaon Ta! Celebrating 400 years of Faith, Culture and Development!” to highlight the role of Catholic faith in shaping Catbalogan from being a small fishing community to a developing city with many potentials.

Series of activities are lined up to commemorate this once-in-a-lifetime event and are being led by both the City Government of Catbalogan and the St. Bartholomew Parish through the multi-sectoral Local Culture and Arts Council (LCAC).

For more updates on this celebration, you may visit the page Quadricentennial Celebration – Catbalogan 2016.

(Article by Ador Hurtado; Logo Design by Dengcoy Miel)

City Employees, Barangays and Civic Groups converge on clean-up drive

As part of the 2015 National Disaster Consciousness Month (NDCM) activity of the City Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council (CDRRMC), city employees and barangay officials along with socio-civic organizations joined the one-day city-wide clean-up drive last July 15, 2015.

Barangay officials were assigned at their respective barangays while city employees and civic groups were assigned at specific streets and locations to do their clean-up.

The activity was spearheaded by CDRRMO in coordination with City Environment and Natural Resources Office (CENRO).

Korean investors inspect Sky City among other locations in Catbalogan City

To fulfill their objectives in visiting Catbalogan, the Korean investors conducted ocular inspections of viable areas within the City where they can build the ODIN wind tower.

The team visited Buri Airport, Maulong Reclamation Area and the location of the Sky City Mega Project. Particularly at the Sky City, they visited the lot reserved for the construction of the proposed new Catbalogan City Hall.

The lot where this new City Hall will be built is a 15 hectares property ofTacloban Verde Development Corporation, owned and managed by the incredibly generous Mr. Ben Escaño, who will donate the property to the City Government of Catbalogan.

It is planned that “ODIN”, an 11-story tower with the capability to generate 120-kilowatt power, will be placed atop the proposed new City Hall to spur the attraction of other investors and commercial and residential establishments towards the Sky City.

ODIN Vice President Richard Y. Jo shared his appreciation with the City of Catbalogan and the commitment its officials gave throughout their three-day visit.

“We found the City very interesting that is why we came to Catbalogan to have our project. Also [we came] to foster the connection between the City of Catbalogan and our company,” Mr. Jo said, “We are very thankful the way [Mayor Stephany Uy-Tan] supported us.”

Asked on their visit to the Sky City, “We were very excited because the geographical location there, overlooking the city, [is] a very good place to install the tower.”

Mr. Jo and his team is expected to return to the city either on August or September to finalize the feasibility study within three weeks. “Our project usually takes a little bit of time to be initiated but with the honorable mayor’s support and if we find the feasibility study on a positive side, I think we can move quicker,” he said.

The results of the feasibility study will be presented by ODIN Energy to the Korean Government while the LGU Catbalogan will contact its central Government for assistance to solidify the project’s realization.

This influx of determined investors, as well as the generosity of the private sector, is why the City Government is very much excited to begin the transfer of the Sky City Mega Project from the drawing board to reality.

(Article by Kim Mervin Labagala; Photos by Raul Reyes and Paulus Aragon)

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Catbalogan DRRMC organizes disaster awareness exhibit

In celebration of this year’s National Disaster Consciousness Month with the theme “Pamilya at Pamayanang Handa, Katuwang sa Pag-unlad ng Bansa”, the Catbalogan City Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council (CCDRRMC) has organized an exhibit of equipment, gears and armaments related to disaster preparation at the City Plaza.

This exhibit will run until July 15, 2015 and is aimed at raising awareness on the activities of the council and parter agencies as well as raise awareness on how to prepare during disasters.

CDRRMC Chair, Mayor Stephany Uy-Tan and CDRRMC Co-Chair, Vice Mayor Art Gabon along with City Councilors Bembot Bermejo and Junjun Perez visited the various tents at the plaza.

This activity is part of the month-long observance aimed to promote public awareness on natural hazards and disseminate information on the steps to be undertaken to mitigate the adverse effects of such hazards.

Said month-long celebration is pursuant to Executive Order No. 137 dated August 10, 1999 declaring the month of July of every year as National Disaster Consciousness Month (NDCM).

(Article by Ador Hurtado; Photos by Paulus Aragon)

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City receives investors from South Korea

Last July 13, a delegation from the South Korean firm ODIN Energy headed by their Vice President Mr, Richard Y. Jo met with city officials to discuss the plausibility of making Catbalogan as their pilot city for their wind generation technology in the country.

The proposed structure is at least eleven storey high with a minimum ground floor area of 113 square meters, depending on its capacity to generate electricity. It will harness, not just wind, but also solar energy with its solar panels on the sides and atop the tower.

ODIN boasts its wind power technology as the most eco-friendly and efficient in wind power generation with its capability to generate as much as up to 4 times more energy compared to conventional methods.

In the meeting between the Korean firm and the city officials, Mr. Jo indicated that the first three floors of the tower can be utilized in other purposes such as hospital, school, and offices, among others.

This joint venture would not just make Catbalogan a more eco-friendly city but would also generate job opportunities for the locals in its construction and operation.

Its repair and maintenance would also be easy and cheap, Mr. Jo assured, while also having the capability to automatically shut down when it detects strong vibrations or intense winds during typhoons or other calamities.

Tourism would also take-off with ODIN’s unique design and the proposed viewing deck on the topmost floor of the structure. Surely, it will dominate the Catbalogan skyline and is expected to draw tourists from around the country and beyond.

The expected completion of the project, favored to be erected at the Sky City Mega Project, is within 5 years. The local government will be soliciting help from national agencies such as the Department of Energy for it to be able to fund its construction. ODIN Energy, for its part, will provide the technology, the turbines, the solar panels, as well as other auxiliary equipment and facilities.

For now, the Office of the City Mayor has ordered the formation of a Technical Working Group who will facilitate the collection, consolidation, and interpretation of data needed by the company for their feasibility study and market survey of Catbalogan City for the viability of the project. The group would include city officials, local heads of national agencies, and the local power distributer.

Connection between ODIN Energy and the City Government of Catbalogan was fostered with the latter’s participation in a conference about sustainable development in Seoul, South Korea back in April this year where Mayor Stephany Uy-Tan served as a resource person.

As a member of the International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives (ICLEI), the City Government is very much committed for the realization of the project as it continues to pursue its goal to be in the frontline of the ecological battle for a sustainable future.

(Article by Kim Mervin Labagala; Photos by Michael Balan and Paulus Aragon)

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LCAC Full Council convenes for quadricentennial activities

The full Local Culture and Arts Council (LCAC) was convened last July 10, 2015 to finalize the calendar of activities for the Quadricentennial Celebration.

Facilitated by LCAC Co-Chair, Ms. Charo Cabardo, the council was able to decide on the preparations for the quadricentennial launching on August 01, 2015.

The year-long celebration will cover activities on cultural awareness, religion, environmental protection, social values, sports and physical fitness as well as on various developmental programs.

Tackled also during the said meeting was the scheduling of the next TWG meeting to decide on the official logo and other materials to be used for the celebration.

The said celebration is anchored on the theme “Catbalogan Higugmaon Ta! 400 years of celebrating Culture, Faith and Development”.

(Article by Ador Hurtado; Photos by Michael Balan)

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TWG for Catbalogan City’s quadricentennial celebration convenes

The recently-organized Technical Working Group (TWG) of the Local Culture and Arts Council (LCAC) convened last July 09, 2015 at SP Session Hall in preparation for the quadricentennial celebration of Catbalogan City.
Discussed during the said meeting, which was co-facilitated by City Mayor Stephany Uy-Tan and LCAC Co-Chair, Ms. Rosario “Charo” Nabong-Cabardo were the review of submitted proposals of activities, calendaring of said activities, review of logos submitted and finalization of activities for the August 01 launching.
It was agreed that the official launch of the year-long quadricentennial celebration will be on August 01, 2015 to start with a Diana by 04:00 AM to be followed by a Mass by 05:30 AM, a release of 400 ballloons, then a motorcade to commence by 07:00 AM around the city to end its way at the City Hall with a Press Conference at SP Session Hall by 08:00 AM.
This momentous event to be organized by the City Government of Catbalogan in partnership with the St. Bartholomew Parish and the Local Culture and Arts Council.
The full council meeting of the LCAC will follow the next day to finalize the calendear of events and other concerns.
(Article by Ador Hurtado; Photos by Michael Balan)
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SM Foundation conducts free dental & mission in Catbalogan City

A one-day dental and medical mission was conducted by SM Foundation, Inc. in Catbalogan City last July 07, 2015 at City Plaza.

With the assistance of the medical staff of the City Health Office, a total 517 Catbaloganons availed of the free services with 408 medical consultations with free medicines, 92 dental extractions, 6 chest-xray and 10 ECG were performed.

Mayor Stephany Uy-Tan personally extended her appreciation to SM Foundation and was an opportuned time to hand-over the Plaque of Appreciation, which was supposedly during her State of the City Address (SOCA) among all partners and donors that assisted the city.

This partnership is part of Mayor Step’s initiative to source out assistance among national agencies and private companies to offer opportunities for all Catbaloganons.

With her administration, indeed health services is one of her top priorities through a strengthened delivery of said services.

(Photos by Michael Balan)

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CDRRMC convenes for National Disaster Consciousness Month

A meeting of the City Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council (CDRRMC) was convened on the afternoon of July 3, Friday.
It was headed by the DRRMC Vice Chairperson, Hon. Art Sherwin Gabon and attended by the DRRMO Officer Eliot Lopez Jr. and representatives from different agencies, emergency groups, communication groups, non-government organizations, and the armed forces.
The celebration is in connection with Presidential Executive Order No. 137 that designates the month of July as National Disaster Consciousness Month in order to heighten public awareness on the importance of disaster prevention, mitigation and preparedness.
The main agenda of said meeting was the planning and scheduling of activities for the celebration of the National Disaster Consciousness Month.
Included in the consensus reached was a kick-off motorcade on July 13 to be participated by DRRMC members and partners.
The next comprehensive meeting is slated to happen on July 6, Monday.
(Article by Kim Mervin Labagala; Photos by Michael Balan)
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