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Catbalogan cuisine highlighted under the KARASA KATBALOGAN program

As part of the Department of Tourism (DOT) Eastern Visayas’ efforts to showcase the rich cuisines of Filipinos under the Flavors of the Philippinesevent, Catbalogan’s culinary tradition was recently featured by food blogger Dude for Food, which highlighted the captivating flavors that is endearing to locals as well as foodies alike and that has endured through generations as a cultural heritage.

This coincides with the initiative of the City Government of Catbalogan under its “Karasa Katbalogan” program organized by the City Tourism, Culture, Arts and Information Office as supported by Mayor Stephany Uy-Tan that aims to showcase “karasa” or the expression of delight over flavorful cuisines and savory dishes that can be experienced only in Catbalogan.

Catbaloganon competes in Binibining Pilipinas 2017

Representing Catbalogan City, Samar in this year’s Binibining Pilipinas is Binibini 20 Ms. Christagale Borja.

Ms. Borja traces his father’s roots in Catbalogan but migrated at the age of 14 to London, UK. Working at Marks & Spencer, she was crowned as Miss Philippines UK in 2015 was one of the finalists for Miss Universe Great Britain in 2016.

26 years old and standing 5’10”, Ms. Borja is determined to make her family and Catbalogan proud; having faith in herself and most importantly in God while never losing sight of her dreams.


The candidate with the most number of votes will be given the 1st People’s Choice Award and will be automatically included in the Top 15 during the Grand Coronation Night tomorrow, April 30, 2017.

To do that using your Smart, Globe and TM numbers, just text “BB20” and send to 2929022.

And if you’re using ABS-CBN Mobile, you only need to send BB20 to 2131.

Votes will only be counted until 9PM of April 30 so hurry up and let us all support our candidate!

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NOA Goods 2017-011 Procurement of Various Furniture and Fixture

NOA Goods 2017-011 Procurement of Various Furniture and Fixture

BAC RES Goods 2017-011 Procurement of Various Furniture & Fixture

BAC RES Goods 2017-011 Procurement of Various Furniture & Fixture

NOA Goods 2017-012 Procurement of Various Office Equipment

NOA Goods 2017-012 Procurement of Various Office Equipment

Mayor Step represents Catbalogan City in global meeting of local government units

Mayor Stephany Uy-Tan represented Catbalogan City in the recent meeting of the Executive Bureau (ExBu) World Council of the United Cities and Local Governments (UCLG) in Madrid, Spain last April 18-19, 2017.

This was a follow-up meeting to our recent hosting in Catbalogan City last April 4-7, 2017 of the UCLG ASPAC – United Cities and Local Governments Asia-Pacific Conference and Executive Bureau (ExBu) Meeting.

The said ExBu Meeting was held in conjunction with the First World Forum on Urban Violence and Education for Coexistence and Peace from April 19-21, 2017 as hosted by the City of Madrid with support of UCLG as well as several UN Agencies.

The Executive Bureau of UCLG is responsible for initiating proposals and carrying out the decisions of the World Council. It is in charge of the World Organisation’s administrative and financial management whose bureau is composed of 115 members that meets twice a year and usually gathers around 200 participants.

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Statement of Mayor Stephany Uy-Tan on the 3rd Place of Tribu Katbalaugan

Statement of Mayor Stephany Uy-Tan on the 3rd Place of Tribu Katbalaugan


Hapit na unta, pero deri pa gud talaga…

Congratulations to our very own Tribu Katbalaugan for placing third in this year’s Aliwan Fiesta. Your hardwork may not have reaped the success that we aimed for, but I am forever proud and grateful for continuously bringing honor and pride to us all Catbaloganons.

Despite losing our chance for the three-peat championship win and a possible hall-of-fame distinction last April 22, 2017, I believe Senor San Bartolome is still preparing us for this.

It was never in my dreams that we can organize a group to compete at a national showdown of festivals, more so win two consecutive championship titles. You have proven more than we what have ever expected for a beginner or a novice or a neophyte in this festival competition. You have shown the world that however small or new we may be, if we put our hearts and minds into it, anything can really be possible.

To our dancers, props personnel, instrumentalists, and support staff, my greatest salute and appreciation for giving your best and for being our best… you are our rock.

To our choreographer, dance masters, artists and support personnel, thank you for the creating magnificent works and you may not have been officially born in Catbalogan but we already consider you as fellow Catbaloganons… you are our pillars.

To the parents of our scholars and members of our yearly contingent, to the supporters, sponsors, partners and fans from all corners of the world, thank you for the continued support and understanding, you keep us moving; and to the detractors and non-believers, thank you for inspiring us to be better, to do better and to give better to our home and our people.

Viva Señor San Bartolome!
Viva Señor Santo Niño!
Viva Catbalogan City!

(Photos by Paulus Aragon)

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Karasa Katbalogan launched in time for Flavors of the Philippines 2017 Festival

The City Government of Catbalogan supports the Department of Tourism‘s Flavors of the Philippines 2017 Festival with the launch of our local campaign “Karasa Katbalogan”, which highlights our local culinary traditions that are truly captivating.

Karasa in binisaya literally translates to delicious, flavorful or savory, which best describes the encounter one can experience with the varied food and flavors of Catbalogan cuisines.

Because once you taste everything Catbalogan can offer, you will definitely be captivated!

ITB Infra 2017-006 Invitation to Bid for Repair/Rehabilitation of Drainage Cover

Infra 2017-006 Invitation to Bid for Repair or Rehabilitation of Drainage Cover

Final Blocking at Quirino Grandstand – Aliwan Fiesta 2017

Last April 20, 2017 was Tribu Katbalaugan’s first and final blocking at Quirino Grandstand as they prepare to compete in the Aliwan Fiesta this coming April 22, 2017.

For this year’s presentation, the group will be highlighting the tragic story of MV Doña Paz tragedy that has claimed more than 4,000 lives last December 1987, wherein this year is the 30th year commemoration.

This unique interpretation on how patron saint, Señor San Bartolome helped in saving the lives of fishermen through the help of fireflies that guided them to safety and back to Catbalogan will be highlighted through an upbeat ensemble with colorful props, which has become the brand of Tribu Katbalaugan.

From its first presentation in 2015 that featured geckos from the land then in 2016 that showcased the rich marine life under the sea, this year will take flight with the bright lights of fireflies.

Bukatkat or the local term for fireflies, are usually found around large trees and sometimes mangroves in riverbanks or seashores. Fireflies are said to symbolize hope because of the lights emitted during dark hours and in the case of Catbalogan during that tragic night, it symbolizes hope for a better future amidst the challenges and changes.

Relatively new but nevertheless relevant, Catbalogan City’s brand of festival is more than just a celebration of life but a reflection of the sentiment of the people to remain faithful to the Creator, to remember the past that defines the current while rejoicing with the present that will determine the future.

Most importantly, Catbalogan’s Manaragat Festival is an ongoing call to remain resilient against all odds, to protect our environment, and to always move forward amidst all disasters and challenges.

(Photos by Paulus Aragon; Article by Ador Hurtado)

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