2019 cultural presentations to showcase local fishing gears

Deeply rooted on our identity as ‘manaragat’ or ‘people of the sea’, this year’s cultural presentations will highlight yet another aspect of our festival.

Dubbed as “Katawhan Kadagatan: Fishing Gears and Sustainable Fishing”, each performing school will showcase a specific fishing gear used by fisherfolks in their daily livelihood as an opportunity to popularize these basic gears as well as to promote sustainable means of fishing.

Examples of these gears are panggal or crab pot, bunu-an or fish corral, bobo or fish pot, baling or beach seine, sudsud or man pushnet, pana or spear, sanit or squid jig, bintol or crab lift net, ligkop or ring net, saprahan or stationary lift net, and many more.

Since 2016, through the Local Culture and Arts Council (LCAC), there has always been a theme that is highlighted every month-long celebration: historical timeline in 2016 in time for the quadricentennial celebration of Catbalogan City; sustainable fishing practices in 2017 featuring different means and rituals in fishing; and culinary heritage in 2018 featuring the different food variations and food preparations observed.

Now on its 16th year already, Manaragat Festival puts effort not just into celebrating the feast of Patron Saint, Señor San Bartolome but also of advocating for the preservation of Catbalogan culture and the protection of the environment while promoting our city to the world.

(Article by Ador Hurtado)

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