A message from the City Mayor


13570330_10208471627685794_1221377222_oStatement of Mayor Stephany Uy-Tan on UCLG ASPAC Hosting:


Mahinungdanon nga adlaw ha iyo ngatanan!

I have always believed that the true test of our ability and capacity is to always challenge it. In doing so, we can rejoice on the accomplishment or we may grow from the lessons.

Catbalogan City’s hosting of the United Cities and Local Governments Asia Pacific (UCLG ASPAC) Conference and Executive Bureau (ExBu) Meeting from April 04-07, 2017 has been both a development and a discovery, being the first for Catbalogan and the first for Eastern Visayas Region. It has opened doors of opportunities for partnerships and coordination while unraveling our capacities and challenges.

As the capital of Philippines’ third largest island and gifted with unspoiled natural sites, delectable cuisines, and warm people, we believe Catbalogan City is one of the reasons that indeed, it is more fun in the Philippines.

With an increasing number of tourist arrivals, hotels and bed capacity, venues for events and conferences, Catbalogan City is more than ready. With the assistance of various national, regional and local agencies as well as the support of numerous partners and supporters, we believe it is high time that the world sees and savors what generally the Philippines can offer.

It has been said that a city’s greatest asset is its people. So whatever we may lack in terms of modern structures and facilities, we will make up for with our inherent hospitality, courteousness and graciousness of spirit.

As a network of emerging cities all over the world, the UCLG gives us the opportunity to interact with other towns, cities and provinces that are either confronted with the same challenges and concerns that we face or can offer the possible answer or solution to these. In all of these, we may be different but we are also similar in many ways and these similarities will pave the way for the sharing of ideas and solutions, which will serve as a strong foundation of our meaningful partnerships. Our participation serves as a reminder that we are playing an important role in the development of other communities across the globe. This in itself serves as a source of pride for us Catbaloganons.

Kauswagan Kalibutan” in our local dialect literally translates to “progressive world” and this can be achieved by creating connections for sustainable societies, which is echoed in our chosen theme for this convergence. We believe that to address the current issues of today, we must consistently connect and collaboratively contribute to the solutions.

It is what we have right now that will reflect how much more we can achieve, and by hosting the UCLG ASPAC Conference and Executive Bureau Meeting, we hope to open our doors to such an opportunity.

Stepping forward, expanding farther, and developing further.

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