A Plea for Help from Basey

A team was instructed by City Mayor Stephany Uy-Tan to assess the situation in neighbouring municipalities upon the request of her fellow mayors who are in need of a communication link. This was because power and communication lines have been cut off by the super typhoon Yolanda making it hard for the local government units to coordinate with the line agencies for relief aide.

The assessment team was also sent by City Mayor Step to gain first hand knowledge about the state of these town so that she can relay accurate information to the various request for updates coming to her via her personal fb page and the city government’s fb page. Apart from the updates about Catbalogan City, the City Mayor has decided to accommodate queries about her neighbouring municipalities as a form of civic duty to her fellow samarnons.

The team visited the towns of Sta. Rita and Basey, which are situated nearer heavily-hit Tacloban City. Sta. Rita has reported zero casualty though they are in need of the additional aide. The situation of Basey is entirely different…

Without any electricity or communication channel available to them, the Municipality of Basey is literally cut-off from any form of aide and is left to fend off for itself.

A team was deployed by the Local Government Unit of Catbalogan City to determine the extent of the damages wrought by Supertyphoon Yolanda to the Municipality of Basey. Courtesy of Municipal Information Officer Mercy Caboboy, they have brought the following images.

According to her, almost 85 – 90% of the households

and structures were damaged and as of 8:00 this evening the number of casualties in three poblacion barangays and one island barangay may be broken down into the following figures:

Brgy. Loyo – 9
Brgy. Baybay – 13
Brgy. Palaypay – 31
Brgy. Salvacion (island) – 35

The aforementioned figures reflect only the casualties that were in plain view and do not include those that are still to be searched from debris and rubble.

Up until this time, a word or information about the current plight of the Baseynons have yet to reach the proper agencies hence, no proper and sufficient aide have been extended to them.

According to Caboboy, the residents are in need of the basic commodities like food water and clothing, while the town is especially in need of body bags for their casualties.

For any form of assistance or donation, interested parties may contact Mercy Caboboy, the Municipal Information Officer at 0949-771-9189 / 0926 – 702 – 4498.

Photos provided by Municipal Information Officer Ms. Mercy Caboboy


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