Calvary Hill at Barangay Payao draws pilgrims for Holy Week

While most Catbaloganon had already attended the ‘Estacion Publico’ or the public Stations of the Cross in each respective parishes and churches, you and your family can still head up to Calvary Hill in Barangay Payao for a more personal penance.

Fourteen (14) life-size depictions of the stations of the cross were made by a local sculptor that are built on the hill whose lot was donated by prominent families of the said barangay and funds for the sculptures were donated by different families in Catbalogan and managed by both the barangay and the Parish of St. Bartholomew Church.

While hiking up the hill and meditating on every station, don’t forget to experience the captivating view of another angle of Catbalogan and it sceneries.

After all, prayerfulness during Lenten Season is best shared with families and friends to make it more meaningful and memorable.

(Photos by Bam’z Casiño; Report by Ador Hurtado)

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