Catbalogan City launches localization of sustainable development goals

As a grand finale to the two-day conference, delegates and foreign guests were treated to a night of culture, advocacy and commitment during the Mayor’s Night last December 08, 2017 at the City Plaza.

Traditional songs, dances and cultural performances served as the prelude to the major event of the night, which was the launching of Catbalogan City’s Localization of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and was formally introduced by no less than City Mayor Stephany Uy-Tan who was at the forefront of the advocacy.

Dubbed as “An 17 nga Turumanon han kada Catbaloganon”, which relates to the 17 goals that all nations of the world has committed to achieve by 2030, Mayor Step shared her passion towards these advocacies and in order to equally share this passion among all Catbaloganon, localizing it to the words and aspects that are understandable and relatable is the effective way and ultimately contribute to its achievement.

“Let us make everything tangible to our people. I want each and everyone of us to take part and you cannot take part in something you don’t understand. That is why I want people not to run before me, I want all Catbaloganon to run beside me,” Mayor Step shares.

She further emphasizes that “Catbalogan may be just a small city to the world, but we are still part of this global commitment and we are also vulnerable to this challenges.”

Catbalogan and Mayor Step has always been the lead in the region in terms of climate change adaption and mitigation, disaster risk reduction, and sustainable development through local implementation of various international commitments through its international networks and memberships.

The said conference was hosted by the city government in partnership with Team 54 Project and The Climate Reality Project.

(Photos by Paulus Aragon & Angelo Tizon; Article by Ador Hurtado)

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