Catbalogan City receives new health center

It is with sincerest intentions that I convey to you my deepest gratitude to your kindness and generosity in helping us improve our health facilities in the City. Such an effort is worth commending and I just hope that the Good Lord will return such favor to you a thousand folds.

Health service is one of the core programs of the City Government of Catbalogan. If I remember it right, I vowed to improve all positive indicators in terms of health care service delivery of the City at the same time curb rates of negative health indicators. That commitment resonated not just in the four walls of the Mayor’s office but also to the City Health Office, its management led by our City Health Office, Dr. Gerarda Tizon and her very committed staff. The selfless and untiring efforts exerted by each of them/you has helped the City achieved a very distinct image being a reliable and dependable health facility not just for Catbaloganons but by the entire Province of Samar. As a matter of fact, a handful of recognitions were achieved by the CHO and the city in general for creditable and outstanding programs, activities and service implemented and rendered by the office.

The almost three year stint as the first lady mayors, the following are some of the remarkable milestones and achievements of the CHO.

As a response, we initiated the following:
1. Increased budget allocation for health from 23 M in 2012 to almost 36 M in 2016. This is almost 80% increase in budget allocation since I was elected into office.
2. Increased human resources for our health service delivery program from 4 nurses to 11 and from 10 midwives to 12.
3. Increased our service delivery capacity from 2 ambulances to 4 at the same time we forged MOA with private motorboat owners to serve as ambulances by the sea to ensure that our mothers from island barangay will deliver in our health facilities.
4. Submitted for accreditation to Philhealth our services in the City Health Office such as Maternity Care Package (MCP), Outpatient Benefit (OPB) Package, TB DOTS, and NEWBORN SCREENING
5. Conducted quarterly blood donation program
6. Merged the Community Health Teams and Barangay Health Workers into one health worker task force.
7. Initiated the Bantay Nanay, Bantay Lawas program
8. Provided honoraria and other benefits to BHWs
9. And on top of all these, we organized the Barangay Health Boards so that the City will be at the doorsteps of our communities and ordinary people.

These achievements are not just figures and narrative descriptions of our initiated programs and activities. These led to the achievement of the following performance indicators. Some achievement even surpassed national targets.

For Disease Free Zones Initiatives
1. For Schistosomiasis, from 61% treatment rate of suspected individuals exposed to schistosomiasis in 2012, the rate increased to 80.03%. The said number is so close to the national target of 85%.
2. In terms of TB, we increased detection rate from 38.95% in 2012 to 66.48% in 2014, again so close to national target of 70%. We also increased the cure rate from 88.80% in 2012 to 92.4% in 2013, way higher than national target of 85%.
3. For Filariasis, our treatment rate is a very high 90.08%.

For Child Care Programs
1. For Fully Immunized Child (FIC) program, our rate dramatically increased from 57.30% in 2012 to 95.56% in 2014-higher than the national target of 95%.
2. For newborn initiated breastfeeding, our rate increased from 66.50% in 2012 to 91.05% in 2014-higher than the national target of 80%.
3. For prevalence rate of protein energy malnutrition for age range 0-5 years old, the rate decreased from 6.60% in 2012 to 4.13% in 2014; below national target of 24%.

For Maternal Health Program
1. For the facility based delivery, the rate increased from 56.30% in 2012 to 83.21% just for the three quarters of 2015-higher than the national target of 70%.
2. For Contraceptive prevalence rate, from 0.55% in 2012 it rose to 18.56% in the first three quarters of 2015.

For Healthy Lifestyle, Health Risk Management and Advocacy
1. Household access to safe water rate increased from 52% in 2012 to 87% in 2014-higher than the national target of 85%.
2. Rate of households who have access to sanitary toilet facilities increased from 61% to 63% in 2012 to 2014. For this year 2015, we just constructed additional 630 new functional sanitary toilets and an additional 40 toilets are being constructed.

In totality, including those data that were not mentioned earlier the office has served almost 500000 clients in the span of three years. These achievements would have not been possible if we will only rely on the resources of the city government of Catbalogan. We really have to admit that the city has very limited resources that is why we needed more external support from various stakeholders, partners, agencies and organizations so that we can do more.

Fortunately, one of these generous resource sharers is here with us this morning. They helped us in building or constructing the main health center. With this may I request everyone to give them a big round of applause and say thank you.

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