Catbalogan II District and St. Mary’s College of Catbalogan to highlight fishing gears

The schools of District II and St. Mary’s College of Catbalogan gave a modern twist to their assigned fishing gears — PANGGAL or CRAB POT and PANMASAYAN or SHRIMP ENTANGLING NET last August 06, 2019.

This was part of the 2019 Manaragat Festival: Month-long City Fiesta Celebration organized by the City Government of Catbalogan and endorsed by the Local Culture and Arts Council (LCAC) and the City Tourism Council (CTC).

Anchored on the theme for the cultural presentations, “KATAWHAN KADAGATAN: Fishing Gears and Sustainable Fishing”, it puts emphasis on the local fishing gears used by ‘Manaragat’ or ‘people of the sea’ and promotes its sustainable use as advocated by the festival on cultural preservation and environmental protection.

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