Catbalogan is set to establish an eco-tourism park

Personally checking on the various environmental projects of the city, Mayor Stephany Uy-Tan along with City Environment and Natural Resources Officer, City General Services Officer, and Women Sector Representative inspected over the weekend Barangay Cabugawan’s mangrove area and the Canduyong Islet, which are both marine protected areas.

This is part of the current administration’s thrust of continuously supporting ecological-preservation initiatives considered as climate change mitigation and adaptation programs that are community-led and community-driven.

Mayor Step is set to develop the vast mangrove area as an eco-park that will be managed by fisherfolks and people’s organization within the said barangay as an alternative source of livelihood and employment as well as a tourism development area under the city’s sustainable eco-tourism program.

Believing that tourism is a major element in the city’s economic development, the local government has already started preparing both the sites and the beneficiaries for several development programs as part of its Local Development Investment Plan (LDIP) that identified priority programs that are not only investable but can help improve communities while protecting the environment.

(Photos by Paulus Aragon; Article by Ador Hurtado)

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