Catbalogan Mayor delivers his First 100 Days Report

With a crowd of more than a thousand in attendance at the Provincial Covered Court, City Mayor Dexter Uy delivered his “First 100 Days Report” earlier this evening, October 08, 2019 exactly his 100th day after being sworn into office last July 01, 2019.

His accomplishment report was anchored on his platform of governance carried from campaign to office, which were about ensuring continued progress, developing a livelier economy, expanding social services, strengthening employment and tourism, putting more focus on education and sports, and continuing a committed care for all Catbaloganons. 

Centering on ‘cooperation and discipline’, Mayor Dexter extended appreciation to the different city departments, national agencies, development partners, and everyone who contributed to the successful and meaningful conduct of the various programs, projects and activities that benefitted the population.

One of his highlights in the report but said to be challenging was President Duterte’s directive, which was enforced by the Department of Interior and Local Government relative to the controversial road and sidewalk clearing. 

Despite the noticeable difference among roads and sidewalks in the city, this was a hot issue among many fronts, which Mayor explained “Kun mayda man kamo nakikita nga diri pa nasunod, diri iton tungod kay gin-exempt nira, mayda gud la pipira nga nakontra ngan diri nasunod.”

“Waray ini pinili, an lista han waray sumugot han mando, ginforward na ha Prosecutor’s Office for appropriate action,” Mayor Dexter shares.

From completed infrastructures, conducted capacity building trainings, turned-over assistance, and implemented policies, Mayor Dexter further emphasized that the accomplishments he shared was just a meager 10% of what can still be accomplished, “Damu pa an mga adlaw, pero mas damu pa an trabahoon”, he remarks.

And he finally emphasized that progress must be a shared responsibility not just of those who serve in the government but for everyone as he mentions that “Pakianhi niyo an gobyerno kun ano an iya mahihimo para ha iyo kay katungod ito niyo ngan responsibilidad ito han gobyerno.”

However, “pakianhi liwat niyo an iyo mga kalugaringon kun ano an iyo mahihimo para makabulig ha aton sosyedad,” Mayor Dexter shares as he finally encouraged everyone to help each other “para han duruderecho nga pag-uswag han Catbalogan!”

(Photos by Motion Act Studio; Report by Ador Hurtado)

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