Catbalogan receives international grant for sustainable fish farming

Good news to the fisher folks of Catbalogan City. Happening at the moment is the project launching of “A Resilient and Resilience Enhancing Danggit Farming”. A CSO led project endorsed by the City of Catbalogan through Mayor Stephany Uy-Tan and funded by International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives ICLEI-ACCCRN.

The activity is attended by ICLEI Communications Officer Jon Vincent Marin, Eastern Visayas Network of NGO’s and PO’s led by Mr Don Mabulay, SSU Outreach Program through Dr. Rene Diokton, City environment Officer Edgar Guya, City Councilors Ernesto Arcales, Beethoven Bermejo and Renante Aquino and the media led by PIA Infocen Manager Ninfa Quirante. Below is the message delivered by the Mayor for the event.


I personally convey my warmest greetings to everyone to this project launching. Good afternoon.

To our guests from ICLEI and other guests who are not from Catbalogan i would like to extend to my most hospitable welcome greetings as you take your first steps in our beloved city, Catbalogan City, the city of manaragat.

This project launching means so much to me, to the city government and to the beneficiaries. As the city mayor whose administration have been tested by various environmental disturbances such as typhoons of the likes of yolanda, glenda, ruby, seniang and amang, and recently even though we are not feeling its extreme effects, the el nino phenomenon, i vowed to make every aspect of the city, our economy, our people, our infrastructure, our energy sources and even the livelihood and agriculture of our ordinary citizens, to be adaptive or resilient to environmental or climate changes.

This vision however is unrealistic without the commitment and utmost support of technical partners. With this, on behalf of the city my sincerest thanks to ICLEI-ACCCRN for granting this project tagged as A Resilient and Resilience-Enhancing Danggit Farming’ Project under their Engagement Building Small grants fund. This is a very big opportunity for the city especially to the beneficiaries to be able to enhance production of danggit, in which its quality is competitive to existing rivals in the markets at the same time less likely to be affected by extreme environmental events. Aside from being an opportunity, the city is also challenged to be both a model and a best practice in climate adaptive programs such as these. We want to show the world (the universe rather) that we are not simply a city of manaragat, but a city which is strong and resilient enough to adjust and fit to the demand of times and with people who are adaptive to the changes of the world.

To the project implementors:
1. Regularly update me of the progress of the project
2. Dont hesitate to ask support from the city to improve the project implementation
3. Make the project result to a applaudable output worthy of replication

Thank you very much!

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