Catbalogan rolls out comprehensive cultural mapping project

In partnership with the Local Culture and Arts Council (LCAC), the City Government of Catbalogan through the City Tourism, Culture, Arts and Information Office (CTCAIO) is rolling out the “Karikohan Katbalogan: Catbalogan City Cultural Mapping Project” in the city.

This project is an offshoot of the 2017-2018 project of the Provincial Government of Samar in partnership with University of Santo Tomas Graduate School – Center for Conservation of Cultural Property and Environment (UST CCCPET) wherein select representatives were trained on cultural mapping and conducted initial mapping.

Locally funded and initiated, this project is set to comprehensively map the cultural assets and components of the 57 barangays of Catbalogan City geared towards creating a database of tangible and intangible heritage of the city with corresponding analysis and recommendations for protection and preservation as well as for programming into the city’s development plans.

Said data will also be used in the city’s comprehensive land use plan (CLUP), which is currently being updated and will also be of great use to the City Schools Division for curriculum and program development.

It is said that the most fundamental goal of cultural mapping is to help communities to be able to recognize, celebrate, and support cultural diversity towards economic, social and regional development.

And this is the same purpose for Catbalogan, to be able to acknowledge and understand the richness or ‘karikohan’ of our heritage because only by understanding that we start to value things; if we value, we tend to care for it; by caring for it, we learn to enjoy it; and once we enjoy it, we understand its meaning; and so the cycle of heritage continues.

(Report by Ador Hurtado)

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