Catbalogan tops crime solution rate in Samar Island in 2017 & 2016

For the year 2017, Catbalogan City ranked with the highest crime solution rate in Samar Island and fourth among cities in Eastern Visayas as reported by the 2018 Regional Social and Economic Trends (RSET) for Eastern Visayas Region as reported by the Philippine Statistic Authority (PSA).

Topping the list is Tacloban City with 83.9% followed by Ormoc City with 73.8% then followed by Maasin City with 54.6% and Catbalogan City closing in with 54.6% then followed by Borongan City with 52.4% followed by Baybay City with 45.6% and at the bottom is Calbayog City with 40.1% crime solution rate.

According to the Philippine National Police (PNP), the crime solution efficiency tallies crime cases that have been solved relative to the crime volume.

‘Crime solved’ means a case has been filed in court and that at least one suspect has been arrested and when a case is counted as solved, it is also already counted as cleared by the PNP.

In 2016, Catbalogan ranked second with 59.7% to Tacloban City with 76.2% crime solution rate as reflected in the 2017 RSET report of PSA. 

This stellar performance of the local police as well as of the city government for the years 2017 and 2018 further establishes Catbalogan as having a peaceful, stable and just environment that is very conducive to growth and development.

With the presence of the provincial office of the PNP in the city as well as the regional stronghold of the Philippine Army with its presence at Camp Lukban for its 8th Infantry Division, Philippine Army coupled with an active coordination with the local communications groups in the city, Catbalogan City further cements its stature as the cabecera or capital of the whole Samar island not just economically and politically, but in matters of public order, safety and justice.

(Report by Ador Hurtado)

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