Catbalogan Young Peeps up to a free Sports Summer Training Program

Performing on her call to young catbaloganons to engage themselves in sports development, Mayor Stephany Uy-Tan formally opened the 1st Catbalogan City Mayor Step Summer Sports Festival yesterday.

This summer, according to Mayor Stephany Uy-Tan, young Catbaloganons will have a chance of improving their sports skills or discover their talents in sports this summer with the 1st Catbalogan City Mayor Step Summer Sports Festival.

The activity under the City Youth Development Office formally opened yesterday but registration is still going on until next week. Sports clinic will officially start on April 17, 2017.

Eight sports activities are in line for the sports festival namely: volleyball, basketball, badminton, table tennis, lawn tennis, chess, sepak takraw and taekwondo. Except for sepak takraw, all sports events are open to both girls and boys.

Zaldy Ilagan, City Sports Coordinator said that the festival will start with a clinic, which means that those who will register under a certain sports event will undergo basic training of their chosen event, this is for 1st timers while those who are already into this kind of sports will be able to hone their skills farther.

The city government tapped the coaches from the city division of the Department of Education to handle the trainings. Also involved are some volunteers from various sports organization and sports enthusiasts in the city. The city schools superintendent meanwhile hopes that the performance of their athletes at the EVRAA will also improved with this kind of training support from the local government unit.

In her message at the opening, Mayor Step called on the young people to engage themselves in sports. She said “engaging our young people and children in sports is a wonderful way to develop lifelong skills, it builds good character such as teamwork, leadership, responsibility and physical fitness among other advantages.”

The city according to Mayor Step aims to develop full potential of our young constituents through this significant summer sports event. She also acknowledged partners of the city government in this activity and sends her deep appreciation for their continued support in the implementation of city’s various programs. She also said that this activity is the beginning of a sustainable sports development program that the city has lined up for her 2nd term as the Mayor.

Meanwhile, the city youth development officer Dennis Cosmod said that “the LGU has allocated substantial fund for this activity and called on the parents to take advantage of this program and register their children.”

Expected to last for a month this summer, the sports festival will be capped with a mini sports tournament towards the last week of May.

(Photos by Michael Balan; Article by Myra M. Tambor)

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