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Catbalogan City’s 12th Charter Annivesary

Tomorrow, June 16, 2019 is the 12th Charter Anniversary of the City of Catbalogan for it was in 2017 when Catbaloganon overwhelmingly ratified its status through a plebiscite. 

However, let us remember that for a moment, our cityhood was halted for nearly two (2) years due to the petition filed by the League of Cities of the Philippines (LCP) at the Supreme Court (SC) and was only restored towards the end of 2009 when SC reversed its decision with finality to our favor along with the other affected fifteen (15) cities.

Twelve (12) years as a city, three (3) of the youngest cities in Eastern Visayas along with Baybay in Leyte and Borongan in Eastern Samar as compared to older cities in the region, Catbalogan has long been the cabecera or capital of the whole island of Samar since 1616 during the Spanish occupation, and today still the leading and most competitive city in the island.

With the new administration to be installed in July 2019, a new leadership will take the helm of Catbalogan City and lead it towards continued progress and strengthened services anchored on “rig-on nga pag-ugop” or strong regard towards the whole constituency.

Happy Charter Anniversary Catbalogan!

(Report by Ador Hurtado)

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Miss Manaragat 2019

You might just be the one to follow the footsteps of Miss Manaragat 2018, Leslie Anne Amosco Pomida and become Miss Manaragat 2019.

See poster below and prepare yourself for the screening and schedules to be posted soon.

Are you ready?

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Pride Month 2019

The City Government of Catbalogan through the City Tourism, Culture, Arts and Information Office (CTCAIO) joins the global community in celebrating “Pride Month” this whole month of June 2019!

The month also honors the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall Riots, otherwise known as the Stonewall Uprising, which saw members of the LGBTQ community fight back against harassment from the police in Greenwich Village in June 1969.

Pride is all about love, acceptance, and respect.

This month, let us celebrate the boundless love our friends in the LGBTQ+ community has. Let us recognize and continue uphold their rights.

Love is love. 

Happy Pride Month! 🌈

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Mister Manaragat 2019

Do you have what it takes to follow after Mister Manaragat 2018, Jaztin Lee Sabong and become Mister Manaragat 2019?

See poster below and prepare yourself for the screening and schedules to be posted soon.

You might just be one…

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Catbalogan City joins Kalayaan 2019

The City Government of Catbalogan through the City Tourism, Culture, Arts and Information Office (CTCAIO) joins the nation in celebrating the 121st Philippine Independence Day Celebration on June 12, 2019.

This year’s theme is “Kalayaan 2019: Tapang ng Bayan, Malasakit sa Mamamayan” and pursuant to DILG Memorandum No. 2019-75 enjoins all local government units to participate in the celebration.

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Catbaloganon beauty joins Miss Philippines Earth 2019

Cheers and best of luck to homegrown beauty who’s out to represent Catbalogan City in the 2019 Miss Philippines Earth pageant, Ms. Claire Dongon!

Ms. Dongon is from Barangay Cinco in Sierra Islands; was once a candidate of Miss Manaragat: The Search for Miss Catbalogan City in 2017; the reigning Miss Samar State University (SSU) 2018; and a fresh graduate of the College of Education of SSU.

She advocates for the protection and preservation of aquatic resources and coral reefs being a proud Sierrahanon as well as promoting Samar’s eco-tourism sites.

She is joined by fellow Eastern Visayas candidates from Tacloban City, Ormoc City and Tanauan, Leyte in the national pageant and the lone candidate from Samar island whose winners will be crowned on July 13, 2019.

Let’s support Ms. Dongon by liking all her related posts and photos.

(Photo by Miss Philippines Earth; Report by Ador Hurtado)

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Happy World Oceans Day!

We celebrate World Oceans Day to remind everyone of the major role the oceans have in everyday life. They are the lungs of our planet, providing most of the oxygen we breathe.

The purpose of the Day is to inform the public of the impact of human actions on the ocean, develop a worldwide movement of citizens for the ocean, and mobilize and unite the world’s population on a project for the sustainable management of the world’s oceans. They are a major source of food and medicines and a critical part of the biosphere.

In the end, it is a day to celebrate together the beauty, the wealth and the promise of the ocean.

(Report by Ador Hurtado)

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Gender and the Ocean

Focus for 2019: Gender and the Ocean

We have an opportunity to explore the gender dimension of humankind’s relationship with the ocean.

This year, we strive to build greater ocean and gender literacy, and to discover possible ways to promote gender equality in ocean-related activities such as marine scientific research, fisheries, labour at sea, migration by sea and human trafficking, as well as policy-making and management.

The importance of gender equality — in particular for the effective conservation and sustainable use of oceans, seas and marine resources — is increasingly recognized. However, there is very little data and research on these issues, and a concerted action towards gender equality and the empowerment of women and girls is still needed in all ocean-related sectors to achieve Sustainable Development Goal 5.

(Photo and texts from United Nations)

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Who will become Miss Manaragat 2019?

Officially named as Miss Manaragat in 2007 and up to 2018, Catbalogan City’s most prestigious pageant has produced empowered women that has now excelled in different fields and advocacies.

In 2019, who will follow their footsteps and take on the challenge of protecting our environment and preserving our culture while promoting our city as ambassadresses?

Are you up for a one-of-a-kind experience?
Are you ready to carry the crown and the responsibilities that goes with it?
Are you prepared to be part of great cause?

Are you the one?

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World Food Safety Day 2019

The first-ever World Food Safety Day, adopted by the United Nations General Assembly in December 2018, is celebrated today, June 07, 2019 under the theme “Food Safety, everyone’s business”. 

The World Health Organization (WHO) in collaboration with the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) is facilitating the celebration of the World Food Safety Day this year and in coming years.

According to WHO, access to sufficient amounts of safe and nutritious food is key to sustaining life and promoting good health. Foodborne diseases impede socioeconomic development by straining health care systems and harming national economies, tourism and trade. With an estimated 600 million cases of foodborne diseases annually – almost 1 in 10 people in the world fall ill after eating contaminated – food safety is an increasing threat to human health. Children under 5 years of age carry 40% of the foodborne disease burden with 125 000 deaths every year.

Food safety is key to achieving several UN Sustainable Development Goals and is a shared responsibility between governments, producers and consumers.

Everybody has a role to play from farm to table to ensure the food we consume is safe and will not cause damages to our health.

Through the World Food Safety Day, WHO pursues its efforts to mainstream food safety in the public agenda and reduce the burden of foodborne diseases globally.

Catbalogan City joins the global community in this advocacy firmly believing that there is no food security when there is no food safety.

This is further emphasized by the Department of the Interior and Local Government (DILG) through Memorandum Circular No. 2019-84 encouraging local government units to participate in the said proclamation.

For more information about this event, you may visit the website of WHO at…/…/celebration-of-world-food-safety-day

(Report by Ador Hurtado)

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