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Fund Utilization of Bayanihan Grant for the month of June 2020

Report on Fund Utilization of Bayanihan Grant to Cities and Municipalities and Status of of PPA Implementation for the Month of June 2020.

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Indicative Fiscal Year 2021 IRA

Per communication from DBM Region VIII, attached is the computation of the FY 2021 Internal Revenue Allotment for the 57 barangays of Catbalogan City and the total IRA share of the city is P755,587,429.00.

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2020 National Disaster Resilience Month

The City Government of Catbalogan joins the nation in the observance of the National Disaster Resilience Month (NDRM) 2020 this whole month of July.

Formerly called National Disaster Consciousness Month, the celebration was renamed to NDRM through and Executive Order No. 29 issued by President Rodrigo Duterte on June 28, 2017.

The observance highlights the shift from disaster awareness building to disaster resilience.

As we continuously face the threats of disaster, how do you think can we attain resilience in today’s time? 

Comment your suggestions and opinions.

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2020 Manaragat Festival theme

For 2020, as revealed and published last year right after the 2019 Manaragat Festival, the theme for this year as originally scheduled is “KARISYO KATBALOGAN: Strengthening our Advocacy, Safeguarding our Legacy”.

A timely theme that relates to the current situation that the city is facing against coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19).

That despite the pandemic, the advocacies on environmental protection and cultural preservation must be continued and strengthened because to protect our nature and to preserve our culture never ceases; and instead must be safeguarded and protected not just for current generations but most importantly for the generations to come.

Are you already excited for the new format of the 2020 Manaragat Festival?


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Silanga Infirmary Clinic now operational for COVID-19 cases

Silanga Infirmary Clinic now operational for COVID-19 cases

“Operational na an aton Silanga Infirmary Clinic nga bag-o la nga ginturn-over tikang ha Department of Health (DOH) como kaparti han ira Health Facilities Enhancement Program (HFEP) na assistance.”

This was the statement posted by City Mayor Dexter Uy as the said facility will be used to accommodate current and future confirmed positive cases confirmed by swab test conducted by DOH8.

“Mayda gihap naton assigned na duwa (2) na nurse ngan duwa nga industrial worker (IW) nga mag-momonitor han mga positive cases han COVID-19 na isusulod,” Mayor Dexter further shares. 

Said facility will be managed by the Catbalogan City Health Office (CHO) and can accommodate at most twelve (12) individuals.

God bless Catbalogan City!

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Local PNP continues orientation among drivers

Last June 29, 2020, PLTCOL EDWIN F BARBOSA, COP of Catbalogan City Police Station together with Mr. Dwight Lobres, Head of Catbalogan City Law Enforcement Auxiliary Unit (CLEAU) conducted Orientation Seminar regarding Traffic law and Ordinance of Catbalogan City to the Motorcab and Pedicab Drivers of the city.

“Ini kaparti han renewal han ira mga regulatory para han 2020 na permit samtang gintutugutan na an pagbiyahe han mga local na transportasyon samtang aada na ha Modified General Community Quarantine (MGCQ),” as shared by City Mayor Dexter Uy.

God bless Catbalogan City!

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2020 Nutrition Month Celebration

Tomorrow, July 01, 2020 officially commences the 46th Nutrition Month and will carry the theme “Batang Pinoy, SANA TALL… Iwas stunting, SAMA ALL!” as approved by the National Nutrition Council (NNC) Technical Committee.

The theme calls for a collective vision of having taller Filipino children by preventing stunting through the participation of government, non-government organizations, civil society, business, academe, communities and families. 

Stunting or pagkabansot in Filipino, is the impaired growth and development experienced by children due to poor nutrition, repeated infection and inadequate psychosocial stimulation.

Stunting can lead to low educational performance, lost productivity, increased risk of developing non-communicable diseases (NCDs), and even death. The economic cost of stunting is high equivalent to 1.5 to 3% of the country’s gross domestic product.

The chosen theme underscores the urgency of addressing stunting considering that the Philippines is one of the 10 countries with the most stunted children in the world. 

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Civil Wedding while on pandemic

“An paghigugma waray pinili nga panahon.”

This was the statement of City Mayor Dexter Uy as three (3) couples were wed while observing strict health protocols.

“An kasal usa nga sagrado na kontrata ha duwa nga naghihigugmaay ngan ini usa nga katungod nga may kaakibat nga responsibilidad,” Mayor Dexter further shares.

Best wishes to the newlyweds!

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Report on Fund Utilization

Report on Fund Utilization of Bayanihan Grant to Cities and Municipalities and Status of of PPA Implementation for the Month of May 2020.

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Local alumni batch donates masks and face shields to drivers

2020 SNS Alumni Host gives out masks and face shields to local drivers

“Damu nga salamat ha Batch 1994 han Samar National School han ginpanhatag na mga face mask ngan face shields para ha aton mga pedicab drivers, motorcab drivers ngan mga six-seater drivers dinhi ha ciudad.”

This was the statement of City Mayor Dexter Uy as 300 drivers were given the said items by the members of Batch 1994 and is a big help for these drivers who are constantly facing the threats of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19).

Salamat han iyo binulawanon na kasingkasing para ha mga Catbaloganon.

Interested donors who are willing to share their support may call the City Mayor’s Office at (055) 543-8000 to coordinate your donation and in order facilitate the delivery and distribution.

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