City gears for the observance of Undas 2014

With majority of Catbaloganons expected to flock to the Public Cemetery for the “undas” this coming November 1 and 2 2014, the City Government sees the likelihood of accidents and other emergencies needing immediate attention. Because of this, an inter-agency team consisting of the PNP, traffic enforcers, civic organizations, medics and personnel from the Rural Health Unit was formed to conduct round-the-clock monitoring and assistance at the cemetery on these dates.

As part of the preparations, the team has already conducted an ocular inspection of the site to see the proper location assignments for medics, civic orgs and other concerned groups. Designated parking areas will also be identified to facilitate the fast loading and unloading of vehicles and ensure the smooth flow of one-way traffic.

On October 31, 2014, the “bisperas”, the City Health Office-Sanitary Roving Team will conduct chlorination of potable water in the area, while food safety monitoring shall be conducted the following day. The team is also planning to install search lights and maps indicating the location of the different assistance desks.

(Article by Ms. Lai Minh Mabulay; Photos by Michael Balan)

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