City gears up for the 2012 Month-long City Fiesta Celebration

The City of Catbalogan, the provincial seat of the Province of Samar, celebrates the month of August with cheerful thanksgiving and positive spirits. Our annual month-long celebration has always been largely inspired by the life at sea, thus we have fittingly named this annual

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celebration as the “Manaragat Festival”. This has always been a perfect opportunity to highlight the important role played by our very own Maqueda Bay in shaping our history, culture and economy. The Catbalogan City Fiesta falls on the 24th of August, which celebrates the feast day of Señor San Bartolome, the Patron Saint of fishermen, and our honor in thanksgiving for the bountiful blessings our City has received through the years.

For every year, our celebrations have been defined by a theme that usually reflects the prevailing sentiment among Catbaloganons. With the prevailing political turmoil and challenges, we found the theme “Celebrating Culture to Mend Differences towards a Unified and Progressive Catbalogan”, a very fitting and timely message to our people. Through the cooperation of the Catbalogan City Tourism Council (CCTC) and a local youth organization the Waray-Waray Youth Advocates (WARAYA), we hope to exemplify this call for unity to every sector of the city.

Although we have lined up various daily and nightly activities for the whole month catering

to different sectors, two of the highlighted events for this month are the “Talentadong Catbaloganon” and “The Search for the Next Catbalogan City Dance Crew”, which started last June 2012 in time for the 5th Catbalogan City Charter Day Celebration and was aimed at offering new avenues for the young and talented Catbaloganons.

The annual month-long “Manaragat Festival” of Catbalogan City, since its first instalment in 2004, has become not just a symbol of celebration but of hope as well. Two of the most-awaited events are the “Miss Manaragat Pageant: The Search for Miss Catbalogan City”, a beauty pageant with an environmental cause, which aims to crown the most beautiful lass that epitomizes the real Catbalogan beauty; and the “Manaragat Festival Grand Parade and Showdown”, which showcases various school contingents depicting the colorful and joyful interpretation of the lives under and above the sea. Every year has been an effort to protect, preserve and promote

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the rich cultural heritage and traditions of Catbalogan City and the truest identity of Samarnons.

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