City Health assists barangays in creating Barangay Dengue Task Force

For more than a month now, intensified dengue campaign continues to roll in various barangays in order to inform the community about the strategies in preventing the transmission of this disease.

Other than the search and destroy strategy, the City Health Office is also orienting the barangay officials on the creation of the Barangay Dengue Task Force that will oversee the conduct of these strategies.

The creation of this task force is a way to empower our local officials to move in coordination with the City Health Office so that together this problem will be addressed.

Inclusive, Participative and Empowering approach has been the strategy of the administration of Mayor Step, hence this a way to exemplify these thrusts.

We are also seeking the help of our barangay folks to be one with us in maintaining the cleanliness of the environment and to continue to participate in the Search and Destroy to eliminate the breading sites of mosquitoes.

The City Health Office will continue to spearhead this endeavor to reach a greater number of people that will join this task.

(Article and Photos by City Health Office)

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