With the coastal communities bearing the brunt of Typhoon Glenda, City Mayor Stephany Uy-Tan consulted with the concerned chairmen about temporarily cordoning said areas pending assessment as to whether these are safe for residency.

In a meeting with the chairmen of barangays Mercedes, Maulong, Bunu-Anan, Guinsorongan, 06 Poblacion, 03 Poblacion and Ibol where households situated near the shores were washed out, the mayor had expressed concern about the possibility of evacuees returning to the said areas despite the danger that they have just encountered.

Urging the barangay chairmen to be firm in convincing their constituents to avoid resettling near the sea, she explained that what had transpired during the typhoon is a warning in itself regarding the risk attached to living near the coast. Because of this move, the resettlement of the affected families from these areas was made a top priority.

In agreement with the mayor, City Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Officer Eliot Lopez said that allowing the families to return to their previous residence near the shore will make them vulnerable once again to future storms and typhoons.

While assessment is ongoing, the cordoned areas shall be considered as no-build zones. In connection to this, City Economic Enterprise and Public Utilities Officer Vic Pagarao has suggested that for this duration, no electric or water connections shall be allowed to discourage individuals or families from settling there.

Representatives from the Samar Electric Cooperative have expressed their willingness to coordinate with the City Government particularly in obtaining clearance from the latter so that they can avoid putting electric connections in the prohibited areas.

(Article by Ms. Lai Minh Mabulay; Photos by Paulus Aragon, Office of the City Mayor)

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