City Peace and Order Council convenes for the Integrated Community Public Safety Plan


The Local Peace and Order Council (LPOC) convened last June 14, 2013 for an assessment of the peace and order situation in the city. Engr. Arnaldo Aroza, the City Planning and Development Coordinator and Mr. Jose Obrero, the City Local Government Operations Officer, facilitated over the meeting which had city government office heads and representatives from the Philippine Army, Philippine National Police, Bureau of Fire Protection, KABALIKAT Civicom and the Academe in attendance.

Aside from law enforcement and security matters, the concerns that were raised during the meeting also touched on school safety, public health, environmental sanitation and nutrition. The discussion also touched on how each of the mentioned problems may be addressed and how violators may be brought to justice. The list of issues and recommendations will then be consulted with the Local Chief Executive for his approval before being incorporated into the Integrated Community Safety Plan (ICSP).

The creation of a Local Peace and Order Council in every Local Government Unit is backed up by Section 116 of the Local Government Code and supplemented by Executive Order 309 which was signed by former President Corazon C. Aquino in November 11, 1987. The creation of such a council was meant to foster full coordination among law enforcement agencies, prosecution services, government agencies and the private sector in addressing crimes and maintaining public safety, peace and order. Among the duties of the LPOC is to create plans and programs that will promote peace and order in the locality as well as the monitoring and assessment of the same.

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