City receives investors from South Korea

Last July 13, a delegation from the South Korean firm ODIN Energy headed by their Vice President Mr, Richard Y. Jo met with city officials to discuss the plausibility of making Catbalogan as their pilot city for their wind generation technology in the country.

The proposed structure is at least eleven storey high with a minimum ground floor area of 113 square meters, depending on its capacity to generate electricity. It will harness, not just wind, but also solar energy with its solar panels on the sides and atop the tower.

ODIN boasts its wind power technology as the most eco-friendly and efficient in wind power generation with its capability to generate as much as up to 4 times more energy compared to conventional methods.

In the meeting between the Korean firm and the city officials, Mr. Jo indicated that the first three floors of the tower can be utilized in other purposes such as hospital, school, and offices, among others.

This joint venture would not just make Catbalogan a more eco-friendly city but would also generate job opportunities for the locals in its construction and operation.

Its repair and maintenance would also be easy and cheap, Mr. Jo assured, while also having the capability to automatically shut down when it detects strong vibrations or intense winds during typhoons or other calamities.

Tourism would also take-off with ODIN’s unique design and the proposed viewing deck on the topmost floor of the structure. Surely, it will dominate the Catbalogan skyline and is expected to draw tourists from around the country and beyond.

The expected completion of the project, favored to be erected at the Sky City Mega Project, is within 5 years. The local government will be soliciting help from national agencies such as the Department of Energy for it to be able to fund its construction. ODIN Energy, for its part, will provide the technology, the turbines, the solar panels, as well as other auxiliary equipment and facilities.

For now, the Office of the City Mayor has ordered the formation of a Technical Working Group who will facilitate the collection, consolidation, and interpretation of data needed by the company for their feasibility study and market survey of Catbalogan City for the viability of the project. The group would include city officials, local heads of national agencies, and the local power distributer.

Connection between ODIN Energy and the City Government of Catbalogan was fostered with the latter’s participation in a conference about sustainable development in Seoul, South Korea back in April this year where Mayor Stephany Uy-Tan served as a resource person.

As a member of the International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives (ICLEI), the City Government is very much committed for the realization of the project as it continues to pursue its goal to be in the frontline of the ecological battle for a sustainable future.

(Article by Kim Mervin Labagala; Photos by Michael Balan and Paulus Aragon)

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