City supports Skateboarding Day, organizes competition

Skateboarders rolled into the Catbalogan City Plaza last Saturday, June 20, 2015 for the first ever Skateboarding Competition in the city. This event was in line with the internationally celebrated Go Skateboarding Day marked annually on the 21st of June.

The competition saw the performances of 32 contestants divided into two categories: 12 in Senior Division and 20 in the Juniors. Each division competed in two categories: Game of Skate and Highest Ollie. The Longest Ollie category on the other hand was open for both divisions.

Young local skateboarders shined in the Junior Division. 12 year old Piolo Rojas won the Game of Skate for this Division with Daniel Manaog, 14, winning both the Highest Ollie and the Longest Ollie beating much older contestants from the Senior Division in the latter after jumping over 10 laid decks whilst on board.

In the Seniors, Butch Ortega of Calbayog City ruled both the Game of Skate and Highest Ollie. He won the Ollie after successfully jumping over 5 stocked decks. Ortega was one of the 6 contestants from outside Catbalogan who competed this year.

Formed in 2003, the 9 member organizers compose the Catbalogan Skaters Club headed by their President Kyle Menchavez and Vice President Archie Lozano. More than a decade ago they started playing at the City Plaza with only two boards. But last night they were able to draw a large crowd that peaked at around 200 people.

“Naniguro kami nga maorganisa ini nga muruglay basi gihapon padayon nga mabuhi it skateboarding ngadi ha Catbalogan,” Menchavez said.

Sponosors for the event were former Catbalogan City SK Federation President, Mr. Dexter Uy and the City Government of Catbalogan through City Mayor Hon. Stephany Uy-Tan. The strong support of the City Government is part of the city’s commitment in furthering sports enthusiasm among Catbaloganons as demonstrated by the presence of the recently formed City Sports Council.

(Photos and Article by Kim Mervin Labagala)

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