December 20 was the MV Doña Paz tragedy last 1987

Today, December 20 marks the 31st year since that tragic event when MV Doña Paz collided with MT Vector claiming more than 4,000 passengers with a little over 20 survivors.

Dubbed as Asia’s Titanic, that tragic event records as the deadliest ferry disaster in history during peace time.

With majority of the passengers coming from Samar and Leyte, a park now sits across the Church of St. Bartholomew with a memorial statue of the famous “La Pieta” of Michelangelo, serving as a reminder of the thousands of souls that were claimed by the Doña Paz tragedy.

Now called Pieta Park, it was where the town’s plaza mayor or main plaza was located and was said to be a cemetery before transferred to Ubanon District in 1865.

The park now serves as a public space for families and friends, ever mindful of the dark past that lingers with lessons and good memories that remembers.

(Photo by George Tapan; Article by Ador Hurtado)

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