Registration of Marriage

Rule 40. – Marriage

Marriage is a special contract of  permanent union between a man and a woman entered into in accordance with law  for the establishment of conjugal and family life. it is the foundation of the  family and an inviolable social institution whose nature, consequences, and  incidents are governed by law and subject to stipulation, excerpt that marriage  settlements may fix the property relationship during the marriage within the  limits provided by this Code.

Rule 41. Reglementary Period and  Place of Registration

In ordinary marriage, the time for  submission of the certificate of Marriage is within  fifteen (15) days  following the solemnization of marriage while  in marriage exempt from  license requirement, the prescribed period (30) days, at the place where the  marriage was solemnized.

Rule 42. Person Responsible to  Report the Event

Solemnizing officer has the duty to  report the marriage to the office of the Civil Registrar where the marriage was  solemnized.

Procedure for application of  Marriage License:

  • Determine whether one or both of the contracting parties are residents of the city.
  • Applicants accomplished Application of Marriage License.
  • Original or certified true copies of Birth certificate.
  • Proof of termination of previous marriage, if any.
  • Applicant 18-21 years of age-consent in writing by the father/mother/surviving parent/guardian, in the order mentioned, who must       appear in person to the City Civil Registrar.
  • Applicant between the ages 21-25 years old – advice upon the intended marriage must be given by the father, mother or guardian of applicant.
  • Certification of the contracting parties have undergone marriage counseling
  • Notice of the application for marriage license should be posted for 10 consecutive days in a bulletin board.
  • Payment of license fee as provided in the local tax code of the local government unit.
  • Issue the Marriage License to the contracting parties upon compliance with all the legal requirements. The Marriage License is valid for 120 days from the date of issuance.

Application for Marriage License  where one of the contracting parties is a foreigner.

  • Require proof that the Filipino applicant is a resident of your city of municipality.
  • Certificate of legal capacity to contract marriage to be issued by the consulate of the foreign applicant’s country in the Philippines.
  • In case of previous marriage dissolved by divorce, a copy of Divorce Certificate issued by the consulate of his country.

Issue the marriage license in the presence of  the contracting parties after the completion for marriage license.