Korean investors inspect Sky City among other locations in Catbalogan City

To fulfill their objectives in visiting Catbalogan, the Korean investors conducted ocular inspections of viable areas within the City where they can build the ODIN wind tower.

The team visited Buri Airport, Maulong Reclamation Area and the location of the Sky City Mega Project. Particularly at the Sky City, they visited the lot reserved for the construction of the proposed new Catbalogan City Hall.

The lot where this new City Hall will be built is a 15 hectares property ofTacloban Verde Development Corporation, owned and managed by the incredibly generous Mr. Ben Escaño, who will donate the property to the City Government of Catbalogan.

It is planned that “ODIN”, an 11-story tower with the capability to generate 120-kilowatt power, will be placed atop the proposed new City Hall to spur the attraction of other investors and commercial and residential establishments towards the Sky City.

ODIN Vice President Richard Y. Jo shared his appreciation with the City of Catbalogan and the commitment its officials gave throughout their three-day visit.

“We found the City very interesting that is why we came to Catbalogan to have our project. Also [we came] to foster the connection between the City of Catbalogan and our company,” Mr. Jo said, “We are very thankful the way [Mayor Stephany Uy-Tan] supported us.”

Asked on their visit to the Sky City, “We were very excited because the geographical location there, overlooking the city, [is] a very good place to install the tower.”

Mr. Jo and his team is expected to return to the city either on August or September to finalize the feasibility study within three weeks. “Our project usually takes a little bit of time to be initiated but with the honorable mayor’s support and if we find the feasibility study on a positive side, I think we can move quicker,” he said.

The results of the feasibility study will be presented by ODIN Energy to the Korean Government while the LGU Catbalogan will contact its central Government for assistance to solidify the project’s realization.

This influx of determined investors, as well as the generosity of the private sector, is why the City Government is very much excited to begin the transfer of the Sky City Mega Project from the drawing board to reality.

(Article by Kim Mervin Labagala; Photos by Raul Reyes and Paulus Aragon)

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