Manaragat Festival 2017 to highlight fishing heritage of Catbalogan City

In preparation for the upcoming 2017 Manaragat Festival, the Office of the City Tourism, Culture, Arts and Information and the Local Culture and Arts Council (LCAC) initiated a meeting with cultural coordinators for all primary, secondary and tertiary schools in Catbalogan City to finalize the cultural presentations that will showcase the fishing heritage in the city as a follow-up to last year’s historical era presentation as part of the quadricentennial celebration.

Aptly called as “Kamurasak han Kadagata han Katbalogan”, this unique theme of highlighting the different fishing practices in the city is an effort to rediscover and reinvigorate old traditions of the city as well as to educate the community on sustainable practices in fishing as a climate change mitigation program.

For this year’s month-long fiesta celebration is anchored on the theme “Karisyo Katbalogan! Forward. Farther. Further.” as a call to celebrate and continue the momentum of progress and development as well as to highlight the colorful and vibrant culture that Catbalogan City enjoys today that has been shaped through the unique blend of faith, governance and society.

(Photos by Claribel Lobres, Article by Ador Hurtado)

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