Manaragat Festival to be showcased in Aliwan Fiesta 2015

Represented by our official festival contingent – TRIBU KATBALAUGAN

The City of Catbalogan, the provincial seat of the Province of Samar, celebrates the month of August with cheerful thanksgiving and positive spirits. Our annual month-long celebration has always been largely inspired by the life at sea, thus we have fittingly named this annual celebration as the “Manaragat Festival”.

This has always been a perfect opportunity to highlight the important role played by our very own Maqueda Bay in shaping our history, culture and economy.

The Catbalogan City Fiesta falls on the 24th of August, which celebrates the feast day of Señor San Bartolome, the Patron Saint of fishermen, and our honor in thanksgiving for the bountiful blessings our City has received through the years.

Now on its 11th year, the name grew from a mere celebration to a uniting factor encouraging good camaraderie and positive outlook for the people and for Catbalogan as a whole.

On our maiden participation to Aliwan Fiesta and gaining momentum from the recent Sinulog Festival, we are determined to highlight the rich history of our city from a mere fishing village, to the “Cabecera of the Island of Samar” by the Jesuit Missionaries in 1616, to the cholera epidemics in 1882-1883 which “may have been the worst epidemic to hit Samar” and our unique interpretation on how Señor San Bartolome intervened during the said epidemics through the geckos or “tuko” in waray-waray term.

This interpretation also serves as a call to protect and preserve our environment, to remain faithful to the Almighty Creator with our Patron Saint San Bartolome, to remain resilient against all odds and to always move forward amidst all disasters and challenges.

Moving On, Moving Forward. Step Forward Catbalogan City.
Viva Señor San Bartolome! Viva Catbalogan City! Viva Samar!


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