Mayor Step addresses Catbaloganons after a year in service

The Mayor’s Speech during the 2014 State of the City Address.

A pleasant evening to everyone.
It has been 365 days already since I first took oath as your First City Lady Mayor.
One year already but it feels just like it was only yesterday, vivid and fresh.
It has been one year of treading unstable courses, of brave steps in making catbalogan your city, our city, a city that we can be proud of.
365 days of burning passion.

During my inaugural speech I uttered “As the first lady city mayor to govern this city I strongly encouraged everyone to help our city as we are faced with a very challenging mandate. Words of doubts and fears from my criticswerethrown along my way that i won’t be able to deliver successful governance because I am a woman. I say with all humility, we proved them wrong because I won’t be able to speak infront of you today if I have failed. Also, for one year now I have imparted continued better change in local governance. I believed it’s never about what gender you have, it’s about the heartin serving Catbaloganons. As Dr. Ann Marie E. McSwain of Lincoln University said, “Leadership is about capacity, the capacity of leaders to listen and observe to use their expertise as a starting point to encourage dialogue between all levels of decision- making. To establish processes and transparency in decision making to articulate their own values clearly. Leadership is about initiating change that makes for substantial improvement and therefore leadership is not being a woman or a man.”

An akon pagigin babaye waray magin kaulangan para aton makab-utan ini ngatanan. Yana aadi kita para magkaurosa hini nga mahinungdanon nga — “Pagpapahamtang: 2014 State of the City Address”.

Last, July 2013 I signed a social contract, pledging my commitment to do everything in my power and ability to fulfil this covenant with you,my constituents. This contract is my constant challenge and a consistent reminder to always look after the welfare of my people, like a mother to her children.

Ini dre la dokumento nga papel kundi usa nga nagin giya para amo an magpapahinumdom han aton ginsaaran nga pagburublig para aton makab-utan an aton ginhihingyap nga progresibo nga ciudad.

When I faced you during my first 100 days of service, I shared to you what we humbly achieved in a short span of time. It showed how a collaborative effort can make an impact to the lives of every catbaloganon. Aton ginpakita nga pinaagi hin urusa nga pagdam-go, mayda kita pwede mahimo.I firmly considered my first 100 days as a powerful first step on the path to make this city progressive. It was an early measure ofmy leadership’sdynamism.

The acronym S-T-E-P has been the anchor of my administration since I assumed office last year. Ngan yana akon ig papahamtang ha iyo an aton mga nahimo ha sakob hin usa ka tuig pinaagi han aton mabaskug nga pagkaurusa ngan kinasingkasing nga pagugop para han aton higugmaon nga Syudad han Catbalogan.

Serbisyo Panlawas Papakusgon

Strengthened health services have always been first on my list. As embodied in our vision, we will endeavour to achieve a healthy Catbalogan. Today, our people are already enjoying a more responsive and fortified health services through the following:

1. Ha kada adlaw han semana mayda kita pangonsulta. Pinangungunahan hini han aton City Health Officer, Dr. Gerarda C. Tizon, kaupod an mga empleyado han CHO. Kada lunes, miyerkules ngan biyernes, an pangonsulta ha aton City Health Office. Ha kada martes nga huwebes naman nalusad kita ha mga barangay pagpaabot han mga serbisyo panlawas. Libre nga Pangunsulta ngan libre nga medisina.
2. Tikang han una nga adlaw han akon pag lingkod, naabot na 56,400 an mga Catbaloganon nga nakatagamtam han mga magkadurodilain nga mga serbisyo panlawas ngan 1,719 nga pan gabot.
3. Ginpakusog liwat naton an libre nga serbisyo kaupod na ini an libre nga gasoline han aton ambulansya nga abelable ha bis ano nga oras. Waray pili, bisan hino nga Catbaloganon pwede makaavail. Gindugngan naton hin usa pa nga ambulansya ngan yana tulo na an aton gingagamit.
4. Mas ginpaupay pa naton anserbisyo han Birthing center o paanakan nga mayda mas kumpleto nga gamit ngan mayda andam mag serbisyo 24/7.
5. Ngan an iba pa nga mga actibidades parte panlawas sugad han Buntis Congress ngan Oral Health Month nga kun diin nagmayada kita hin first ever nga Simultaneous Toothbrushing Drill ha sobra 1000 nga mga elementary pupils.
6. Base han 2013 Operation Timbang han National Nutrition Council, angay naton igkalipay nga nagubos na an aton Malnutrition Prevalence Rate.

As part of my commitment in bringing the basic services to my constituents, a People’s Caravan was held on August 28. Activities included were; Medical and Dental Mission, Feeding to 2390 children, and Personal home visitation to senior citizens and bedridden patients. Simultaneously held at three locations: Barangay Canlapwas, Barangay Maulong and City Plaza.

Turismo Tatagan Duon

Catbalogan City with its captivating contrasts and tourism as a key element in economic development, we have always been keen in promoting our rich cultural traditions as a means to preserve the past and to protect the present for the generations to come.

There has been a significant increase in number of hotels and resorts, bed capacity and tourists arrivals over the year, which proves that more people are coming in and investing in our city, believing that indeed Catbalogan City has great potentials.

We may not have much natural sites and resources; I believe our edge is on the available, accessible and quality services and products. Hence dubbed as the Trading and Services Hub of Samar Island.

In response to these potentials, we have established the Samar Tourism and Entrepreneurship Promotion Center and the Information, Communication and Technology Unit which is under the City Tourism and Investment Promotion Office through our Tourism and Investment Promotion Officer, Mr. Raulito Reyes.

These facilities are intended to address the ever-growing and blossoming city that we are amidst the technological advancements. With the idea of thinking globally but acting locally, our market place is now the world itself.

As the Provincial Capital of Samar, we are blessed to be the gateway to the whole Samar Island and the center of trading and services. With these unique potentials, we are taking advantage of these strengths to bridge towards growth and development.

Edukasyon ngan Ekonomiya Paparig-unon

Since we believe that quality education is one of the key elements to address social problems, this administration has always been committed in prioritizing the future of our young Catbaloganons.

1. Tikang hin 16 la nga college scholars han 2013, mayda na kita yana sobra 700 skolar ha kolehiyo.
2. Tungod kay natuod kita han Libre nga Edukasyon para han Malamrag nga kabubuwason, nalilipay ako igpasabot nga ha yana, waray na kabaraydan bisan piso an mga estudyante han public elementary and high schools ha aton syudad.
3. Nakatagamtam liwat an aton mga kamaestrahan han libre nga mga instructional materials para hin mas epiktibo nga pagtutdo.
4. Mabaskug gihapon an aton pagsuporta han programa hn DepEd nga “Brigada Eskwela” nga an panuyuanan amo an pagandam han mga pasilidad han tagsa tagsa nga mga eskwelahan.
5. Ini ngatanan ha ilarom han programa nga Strengthening Teaching Emergent – Literacy Program nga iguinduduso han aton OIC Schools Division Superintendent, Dr. Editha S. De Veyra.
6. Ha pagka yana mayda 2410 nga mga kabataan an nakakatagamtam hin libre nga day care service. Ngan ha sakob han usa ka tuig nadugngan pa hin 21 daycare centers.
7. Han 2013 mayda la kita 52 nga children with disabilities nga natatagan hin ayuda, nadugngan ta hin 56 ha yana nga tuig, suma total mayda na kita 118 nga mga kabataan nga ginbubuligan.
8. Ha aton panalimbasog nga makatagamtam hin modern nga pasilidad an aton mga kabataan, aada an aton iLibrary nga may libre nga paggamit hin computers ngan internet para hin madali ngan de kalidad nga edukasyon. Para pagresearch ngan may ada mga andam mag assist nga mga staff para mas maging madagmit ngan epektibo an ira paggamit hini nga pasilidad. Ngan bonus pa dida an libre nga printing (bonus)

As a developing city, Catbalogan is yet to achieve its full potential in developing a sustainable economy. But with the current changes and new mechanisms being in placed, Catbalogan City is booming with all its great potentials.

1. Para hin mas malaksi nga pag-akomodar han aton mga negosyante, abri na an aton Business One Stop Shop (BOSS) nga aada ha ground floor han city hall.
2. Usa nga panigamnan nga nagupay pa an aton ekonomiya, 2 nga bangko an ngabre.
3. Comparative Statements of ReceiptsTikang ha 153, 105, 002.87 han January – May 2012, Humitaas an Receipts – General Fund han January – May nga umabot 161, 120, 702. 77. Ngan han January – May 2014, mayda na kita 185, 380. 798.95 nga collection.

Comparative Business Tax and real Property Tax Collection,

2012: P8, 922, 016.04 and P3, 557, 049.76
2013: P9, 345, 745.22 and P3, 608, 557.02,
2014: P11, 632, 293.05 and P4, 617, 603.1

4. Tungod kay natuod kita nga para makahatag hin epektibo nga serbisyo ha katawhan, an pangolekta hin buwis dapat epektibo gihapon. Ini pinaagi han bulig han aton City Treasurer, Ms. Elizabeth Lim, Business Permit and Licensing Officer-Designate Mr. Arden Cuenco ngan City Economic Enterprise and Public Utility Officer, Mr. Victor Pagarao ngan an aton city assessor, Mr. Romeo Tuazon.
Ini nga pag increase in tungod natuod kita hin INCLUSIVE, PARTICIPATIVE and EMPOWERING APPROACH. (meetings with tax payers and come up with fair agreement)
5. Nakapanhatag kita hin mga livelihood assistance ha sobra 260 nga mga pamilya; hapit 40 an nakatagamtam han Swine Re-dispersal Program; 82 nga mga pamilya ngan 100 nga mga paraguma nga apektado han nagagi nga Typhoon Yolanda an nakatagamtam han seeds distribution; 72,500 nga mga tilapia fingerlings ha aton mga mangirisda ug mga cooperatiba; naghatag gihapon kita hin 7 collapsible dryers ngadto han mga Farmers’ Associations para makabulig han ira panginabuhi; ini ngatanan guin pangunahan han City Agriculture’s Office pinaagi han aton OIC City Agriculturist nga hi Mr. Daniel Daguman.
6. Nagkaada gihapon kita hin magkadurudilain nga mga trainings para han mga cooperatiba nga pinangunahan han aton City Cooperative’s Officer, Mr. Vivencio Eslopor II.
7. Parte han pinansyal nga responsibilidad han aton administrasyon, igin gawas han Commission on Audit an audit report han aton syudad han naglabay nga 2013. Guintagan kita hin rating nga QUALIFIED OPINION.

Akon la gusto klaruhon ha ngatanan nga aanhi parte han gumawas nga article ha page 6 MANILA BULLETIN dated June 24, 2014 nga nasireng nga an Annual Audit Report for Catbalogan has several ADVERSE FINDINGS. Han una ko nga pagbati hini nga storya in waray ako katarantar kay updated ako han resulta han Annual Audit Report han COA. An dre ko maintindihan kun ano rason nga ira pagbabarion an kamatuoran para la mahingada an aton administrasyon ha karautan. Ha kamatuoran, aadi nakabutang ha page 2 hini nga libro an rating nga QUALIFIED OPINION. An buot ipasabot hini nga maupay an pagdumara han aton mga transaksyones, mayda la mga exemptions to the rule. Pero as a whole an opinion han COA amo in FAIR PRESENTATION OF FINANCIAL STATEMENTS. Tungod hini qualified la gihapon an aton Syudad nga maguin nominee han Seal of Good House Keeping han una nga yana Seal of Good Governance. Thanks to the Finance Managers: City Accountant, Ms. Peachy Y. Daguman, City Budget Officer, Ms. Adelaida Lamadrid, and our City Treasurer, Ms. Elizabeth Lim.

Progreso han Catbalogan, Igpapadayon.

Through an efficient and effective resource management, we have prioritized infrastructure development as one of the indicators of social progress and growth. These would not be possible without the efforts of our City Engineer, Engr. Rico Macabare and our City Planning and Development Coordinator, Engr. Arnaldo Aroza.

This is where your taxes go:

We have constructed 800 new sanitary toilet facilities in various barangays in our city to address the inequity in toilet facilities.

We have also erected additional100 streets lamps and 30 CCTVs. The former is aimed to illuminate more our city and the latter is to help mitigate crime incidence.

21 new day care centers and iLibrary

10 eClassroomswere also constructed to help upgrade and augment school facilities in our public elementary and high schools

Flood control mechanisms, deep wells, water systems and dumpsite access roads among others were also installed

Labot la han aton mga programa ha ilarom han STEP nga giya, mayda na gihapon kita guin malatuman nga mga Special Programs.

Dida han naglabay nga tuig, deri la kita kundi an bug-os nga kalibutan an kumita han makaharadlok ngan nakakapanluya nga epekto han pinakamakusog nga bagyo nga aton naeksperyensyahan – an Super Typhoon Yolanda. Makalilisang man an mga nahinabo kun aton huhunahunaon, ini ngatanan amo an nag-abri hin oppurtunidad para kita makagpaabot hin tambulig ngadto han aton mga igkasi waraynon nga urog nga naapektohan han bagyo. Ha aton nakit-an nga kadamu han nangininahanglan, nahimugso an #SalbarSamar.

Nakagpaabot kita hin Serbisyo Medical ngan feeding ug nakapanhatag gihapon kita hin mga relieve goods agud magin ayuda ngadto han mga nadabihan.

Western Samar- Sta. Rita, Pinabacdao, Basey and Marabut. Eastern Samar- Lawaan, Balangiga, Giporlos, Quinapondan, Hernani, Balangkayan, Salcedo, Mercedes, Guiuan. Leyte- Tacloban, Palo, Tanauan, Dulag, Alang – Alang, Tolosa. Han bulan han Disyembre, ha pagsalinurog han kapaskuhan, nagka may ada kita hin Pasko Caravan, 9 Days of Joy and Smile. Lumibot kita ha San Jose ha tacloban, Salcedo, Mercedes, Lawaan, Hernani, Quinapondan, Giporlos Eastern Samar. Dulag, Tolosa, Tanauan, Palo, Alang Alang Leyte. Basey and Marabut Samar.para maghatag kalipay pinaagi hin Mini Concert, Puppet and Magic Show, Toys and gift giving with Santa Claus.

Ini nga aton pagbulig, usa nga pasasalamat nga waray kita kauraura. Syempre ini ngatanan deri naton mahihimo kun waray an magkadurudilan nga mga socio – civic organizations, Local Government Units, Mga Ahensya han Gobyerno ngan mga pribado nga indibidwal nga mayda mga bulawanon nga kasingkasing. Aton hira guinpasalamatan pinaagi hin simple nga programa nga amo an “PASIDUNGOG: A Thanksgiving for the Little Heroes of Yolanda”.

What I learned with Yolanda is that, “God’s provision is always equal to the task at hand and we have experienced it, with that rest be assured that no amount of Yolanda can prevent us from standing up again, for we vividly witnessed that after all that Yolanda had done us, only God’s love will last.

With God’s love that transcends among families, families that are an essential social institution, our administration through the Office of the City Civil Registrar, headed by Ms. Ofelia Royandoyan, we have conducted the “Kasalang Bayan 2014”.
244 loving couples exchanged vows last February 14 in celebration of the Valentine’s Day.

The City Government of Catbalogan was also in the lead of the 2014 Women’s Month Celebration through the Fun Walk activity. With the theme “Juana, ang Tatag mo ay Tatag natin sa Pagbangon at Pagsulong”, more than a thousand participants from various sectors joined the celebration and in our advocacy towards women empowerment. As a committed advocate of equality and equity, we have initiated our other gender responsive actions programs, which included the celebration of the Women with Disabilities Day, Children’s Month, and Filipino Elderly Week among others.

As we strive to promote social justice, we have to thank our City Prosecutor, Hon. Carlos Daiz and our City Legal Officer, Atty. Aileen Forteza.

As part of our commitment to deliver basic services even to far flung barangays, we have conducted the 2014 Summer Basic Services Roll-Out for the whole month of May covering nearly 20 island and coastline barangays, that catered more than 3000 residents who availed Free dental-medical services, free circumcision, seeds distribution, free rabies vaccination headed by our City Veterinarian, Dr. Antonio Cinco, kids book reading and storytelling, awareness session on disaster preparedness as well as on nutrition.

As our population is mainly composed of young people, ug kay tungod nga natuod kita nga dako ka upay an pwede magin kontribusyon han mga kabataan ha aton sosyodad, mayda naton mga programa para hit ira kaupayan. Sobra 1000 nga mga nga kabataan an nagpartisipar han SUMMER DANCE CRAZE ngan sobra 100 an nakatagamtam han Free Dance Lesson ha ilarum han lado han kaabtik ni Odon Sabarre. Ini mga oppurtunidad para ira mahipakita ngan maihulagway an ira talento ha pagsayaw ngan pagpasangyaw han aton mayaman nga kultura. Ilarum ini han aton programa nga tinatawag nga “STUDENTS’ TALENT ENHANCEMENT PROGRAM”.

Ngan ha pagtungtung han aton ika pito (7) katuig nga pagsalinurog han pagigin Ciudad, aton burublig nga guindumara an ISKOLAR RUN A 7k Night Run for the Less Privileged Students of Catbalogan nga guinpangunahan ni Ms. Romana Ilagan. Umabot 1,400 nga mga Catbaloganon ug mga bisita an nakigusa hini nga aton adbokasiya para matagan hin auyda an aton mga kabataan nga kablas nga naghihingyap makaiskwela ha kolehiyo.

Usa gihapon nga aton gintatagan hin kaangayan nga attention amo an isyu han kalibungan. Guinpakusog naton an pagimplementar han mga programa parte kalibungan pinaagi hin paghimo hin Barangay Solid Waste Management Plan nga amo an magigin giya para matagan solusyon ini nga problema. Nagbutang kita hin City Environment and Natural Resources Officer nga hi Mr. Edgar Guya nga amo an nangunguna para mas mahipaabot pa ha aton mga barangay an kaangayan nga mga impormasyon parte han aton Solid Waste Management. Pinaagi hin pakigstorya ngan paghangyo ha aton mga traffic enforcers ngan mga kapitanes nga pakusgon pa naton an strikto nga pag implementar han anti-littering ordinance, naghangyo gihapon kita han aton mga street cleaners nga magingmas maduruto pahira pagmentenar han kalimpyo han aton kakalsadahan. Ngan aton ghapon genbutangan hin mga turunggon an aton mga garbage truck agod la mas damo nga Catbaloganons an makasabot han aton mga responsilidad kumo anak han Catbalogan. Ini gihapon guinpapangunahan han OIC – City General Services Officer, Engr. Zerlin Delgra. Ngan yana akon padayon nga gen aaro an iyo kinasingkasing nga pag ugop para hin mas malimpyo nga komunidad.

With the aftermath of Super Typhoon Yolanda, intensified planning regarding disaster risk reduction and management has been at the forefront of my concern. We responded to this by establishing the Emergency Response Center housing our additional 1 rescue vehicle, 1 fire truck donated to Bureau of Fire Protection Catbalogan, 1 ambulance and 3 service motorcycles. It is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and is available to respond to any kind of emergencies. Also, from only 16 in 2012, 48 in 2013 we now have a total of 78 well trained Traffic enforcers.

Tungod kay aton man hingyap nga humabobo an aton malnutrition rate, ngan nakikiusa kita han bug-os nga kalibutan para makab-utan an Millennium Development Goal No. 1 anaton ginpahilawig ngan guinpadamo an mga pamilya nga natagan hin ayuda ha ilarom han aton Hunger Mitigation Program nga guimpangulohan han City Social Welfare Officer, Ms. Nida Aroza. Tikang ha sobra 7, 000 nga mga pamilya han 2012, mayda na kita naabot 23, 000 nga mga pamilya nga natagamtam hini nga programa han 2013.

Ini in waray pili. Waray dulaw, waray pula.Waray pinulitika.

From the time that I assumed office, it has been my thrust to have an inclusive, participative and empowering governance. I am delighted that our legislative counterpart has been very supportive with our programs headed by City Vice Mayor, Hon. Art Sherwin L. Gabon and the City Councilors as well as our Sangguniang Panlungsod Secretary Ms. Donna Jane Teves. They enacted a landmark legislation which is Ordinance No. 2014-009 entitled the Market Code of the City of Catbalogan, which will regulate and govern the operations, procedures and maintenance of all existing public and privately owned markets and slaughter houses in the city.

All these accomplishments will not be more rewarding if not because of our collective efforts. Now we are faced with a greater challenge and that is to not rest on our laurels but to maintain the momentum of continuous partnership and involvement.

I am often asked where do I get the energy??????Simple. I am passionate about what I am doing, I love the children and the next generation.

• Visiting Barangays
• Closer to the People

Tuguti ako niyo nga tagan hin duon nga ini nga aton pagpahamtang yana in waray intensyon nga ighambog kun ano man an aton mga naabot ha sakob hin usa ka tuig. An aton la in makita naton nga sakto an aton dalan nga guinaaguihan, ngan makita pa naton an mas halaba ngan halawig pa nga aton paguurusahan nga paglalakaton.

They say that the only constant thing in this world is change, therefore in introducing new and innovative programs there will always be resistance. But I believe that with constant communication and understanding, we will achieve the challenge in bringing our city into greater heights.

Natapod ako nga aada kamo ngan dre kamo matugot nga mahingadto kita ha dire sakto nga dalan. Tungod kay HIGUGMAON TA AN CATBALOGAN!

As we move forward to the future ahead, the challenge now is to prove that we deserve to be a city, emerging city full of potentials. I am certain that this will be less difficult. Challenging still, but with the assistance and support that you have for this administration, I see a bright future ahead of us.

With the systems we have established that addressed longstanding issues, we are hoping for more development and investment opportunities. Specifically, we aim to establish the much needed City Hospital, new schools, a new City Hall, and the expansion of our city to cater our ever-growing nature and coverage amidst the changing times and conditions. These may be long term in nature, but with the little steps we have started, we are indeed on the right path.

I can only praise God, our Almighty Father and the unrelentles support and understanding of my friends and family. To my Mama, thank you for the unconditional love. Especially to my mentor, the man of my life, my father, the father of cityhood of Catbalogan, Hon. Coefredo “Tekwa” Uy. I am so grateful and blessed. You have been my source of strength and inspiration, and you never leave my side. Thank you for giving me the freewill with all my endeavours. And to the ones who keep me going and giving me the spirit all the time. My precious jewels, my angels, my daughters Sky and Star.

We may not see the fruits of our labour in this lifetime, but in the unfolding of history, the future generations can see us as the one who have made the necessary sacrifices so that they could live in the dream we dreamed.

Let us all refresh our hearts and minds of what we live for. Before I end, may I request everyone to please stand and hold each other’s hand and altogether let us recite with all our heart our vision, the Catbalogan City Vision, “An active and empowered people living in a healthy, peaceful and safe community with a thriving, business-friendly economy through inclusive, participative and transparent governance”


Guin uutro ko an akon kinasingkasing nga pagpapasalamat. From the bottom of my heart, with all humility, Thank you for joining me in this journey of public service.

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