Meeting with Fish Vendors reaches fair agreement

In an effort to address issues concerning delinquencies among stallholders at the Catbalogan Public Market – Fish Section, Mayor Stephany Uy-Tan called up a meeting recently among said stallholders along with Licensing Officer Mr. Arden Cuenco of the City Treasurer’s Office to come up with better terms to pay up interest and other payables due to the city.

Some stallholders have two to four years of unpaid dues with the city and have been inefficient to pay up its dues even with the lose terms of payment.

With the new administration of Mayor Step, believing that in order to deliver efficient and effective services to the people, tax collection must be effective and efficient as well.

At the end of the meeting, the city and the stallholders were able to agree on a new term wherein daily collections will be made until all payables be settled.

Moreover, Mayor Step shared that the LGU is in the process of repairing the facilities at the public market so as to compensate with its stringent collection of taxes and fees.

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