Twelve lovely, young ladies managed to get through the first hurdle of being a contender for the Miss Catbalogan – the Pre-Pageant Night held last August 12, 2012 at the City Plaza.

The Pre-Pageant Night is where the four minor awards namely, Best in Swimsuit, Best in Casual Wear, Best Talent and Eloquence; are determined thereby making it a crucial part in choosing the one who will eventually take the title. The winners, however, will only be declared during the Coronation Night on August

20, 2012. Instead, only the top three contenders for each category shall be revealed.

Divine Grace Cabadsan, contestant no. 4 stood out during this stage, having been included in the top three of all four categories. She was followed by Ma. Andrea Crebello, contestant no. 5, who made it into the top three of the competitions for Best in Swimsuit, Eloquence and Best in Casual Wear.

Cabadsan’s “behavioral dancing” in which she demonstrated how the ‘curacha’ would be danced by a beauty queen, an alcoholic and a politician provided comic relief to the crowd. The other two contenders for the Best in Talent Award were Ednalyn Mana (#10), who impressed audiences with her guitar-playing skills to a Taylor Swift song, and Elizabeth Libres (#12) who performed a medley of various ballroom dances. Allen Ave Suzara (#6), Maria Karla Belizar (#3) and Marivic Labong (#8) also made it to the top 3 of the Best in Casual Wear, Eloquence and Best in Swimsuit respectively.

The journey towards the crown started only the day before with an orientation to the 12 candidates regarding pageant rules and regulations. This was followed by the one-on-one interview which comprises half of the score that shall be the basis for choosing the winner of the Miss Eloquence minor award. The candidates were then presented to the members of the press immediately in the morning of the next day, prior to the Pre- Pageant Night.

(Texts by Ms. Laiminh Mabulay; Photos by Ador Hurtado, Office of the City Mayor)

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