Mister and Miss Manaragat 2019 candidates highlights single-use plastic reduction

Advocating for environmental protection, this creative shoot by Motion Act Studio with the nine (9) candidates of Mister Manaragat and nine (9) candidates of Miss Manaragat highlights the need to reduce, reuse and recycle single-use plastics.

Although plastics can be creatively used for many purposes, these shots depicts the dire state of our seas, which are now full of plastic wastes and greatly affecting the marine ecosystem.

According to World Wide Fund (WWF), an estimated eight million tonnes of plastic end up in the sea every year, killing and harming marine life. It can be accidentally eaten – turtles mistake plastic bags for jellyfish and seabirds’ stomachs can become full of plastic waste, stopping them getting the essential nutrients they need.

It’s about time that we reduce our use of plastics, recycle our existing plastics, refuse further use of new plastics, recycle unwanted plastics into new things, repair plastics instead of buying new ones, regift unwanted plastics, and rethink of using plastics.

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