Mister and Miss Manaragat candidates wear customized swimwears

Thank you to Julius Pegarro Jaguio of Pegarro Swim for this unique and beautiful creation made exclusively for our nine (9) Miss Manaragat and nine (9) Mister Manaragat candidates.

Inspired by the beautiful Maqueda Bay sunset and the tropical vibes of Buri Beach, the apparels were comfortably sashayed and proudly paraded by the candidates during last night’s Pre-Pageant Night held at the Catbalogan City Plaza.

Pegarro Swim has been the official swimsuit and swimwear designer of Mister Manaragat: The Search for Mister Catbalogan City and Miss Manaragat: The Search for Miss Catbalogan City for three years straight and Pegarro Swim has already designed for several national and international pageants as well as international beauty queens and male titleholders around the world.

Truly, Mister and Miss Manaragat is consistently raising the bar in various aspects of pageantry with a heart for advocacy on environment and culture. 

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