SNS Alumni Homecoming 2019

Who doesn’t love promos?

Host Batch 1993 for the 2019 Samar High Grand Alumni Homecoming Music Festival is offering their tickets on promos you can’t miss:

– 10 tickets + 2 free only until March 18, 2019
– 10 tickets + 1 free only from March 19 to April 09, 2019.

Tickets are available at SNS Alumni Center and who knows, you might be the lucky winner of the One Million Pesos “Super Grand Prize” or the Five Hundred Thousand Pesos “Mega Grand Prize” or any of the various cash prizes at stake!

What are you waiting for?

Come home this April 2019 for the Alumni Month because captivating fun can only be found here in Catbalogan.

(Photo provided by SNS Host Batch 1993; Report by Ador Hurtado)

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