Statement of Presidential Spokesperson Edwin Lacierda

Statement of Presidential Spokesperson Edwin Lacierda

on the week of June 9-13, 2014

This week marks an important occasion for our country. As we celebrate the 116th anniversary of the proclamation of our country’s independence, we take this opportunity to reflect on the long journey that has brought us to this moment, in the fourth year of an administration that has remained true to the ideals with which our country was liberated in 1898. In line with this, the President will be attending a number of events that highlight the foundations of our Republic—love for country and service to Filipinos.

On Monday, President Aquino will witness the turnover of dividends during Government-Owned and Controlled Corporations (GOCC) Dividends Day. This is an annual ceremony during which GOCCs declare and remit their earnings to the government, to be used for the betterment of the nation. This Dividends Day, the fourth under the Aquino administration, will highlight the possibilities of what we can achieve with the proper and prudent management of government resources.

Also this week, the President will receive the credentials of twelve non-resident ambassadors-designate. These ambassadors—from Swaziland, Marshall Islands, Uganda, Guinea, Cyprus, Tunisia, Malta, Estonia, Slovak Republic, Armenia, Iceland, and Jamaica—represent their respective governments in more than one country. We will work hand in hand with them to further advance international understanding and encourage nations to uphold the rule of law.

The President will also attend the Filipino-Chinese community’s joint celebration of the 116th Philippine Independence Day and 13thFilipino-Chinese Friendship Day, as organized by the Federation of Filipino-Chinese Chambers of Commerce and Industry, Inc. (FFCCCII). The President will deliver a speech, during which he will highlight the contributions of the Filipino-Chinese community not only to the growth of our economy but also to the enhancement of civic life.

This year’s official Independence Day celebrations will take place in Naga City, Camarines Sur. Since assuming office, the President has been leading Independence Day celebrations in the regions, emphasizing the role of each province and community in the liberation of our country. On June 12, the President will commemorate Bicol’s contribution to the Philippine revolution, as encapsulated in the martyrdom of the Quince Martires—the 15 Bicolano Martyrs—whose deaths led to the civil guard revolt that ended Spanish rule in Camarines Sur. After the celebrations in Naga, the President will return to Malacañan Palace to host the Vin D’Honneur, where he will lead a toast. Members of the Diplomatic Corps and the leaderships of the three branches of government have been invited to this annual gathering.

The President’s activities this week reflect the spirit of patriotism that has invigorated our nation since the early days of the Katipunan, leading us through the EDSA Revolutions and to the current presidency. In ensuring the proper turnover of dividends and in strengthening our ties with both international and local partners, the President shows how, through openness and cooperation, we can forge a path toward a more prosperous tomorrow, even as we look back on our history and remember the sacrifices that have allowed us to be here today.

June 9, 2014

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