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Girl Power

Girl Power this month of March!
Happy Women’s Month!

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Today is International Women’s Day

Today, March 08 is celebrated around the world as Women’s Day!

Proclamation No. 224 series of 1988 officially declares the first week of March of each year as “Women’s Week” and March 8 as “Women’s Rights and International Peace Day” while Republic Act (RA) 6949 series of 1990 officially declares March 8 of every year as “National Women’s Day”.

In history, the United Nations began celebrating International Women’s Day (IWD) during the International Women’s Year in 1975 and in 1977, the United Nations General Assembly invited member states to proclaim March 8 as the UN Day for women’s rights and world peace.

For 2019, the UN theme for IWD is “Think Equal, Build Smart, Innovate for Change” while in the Philippines, the women’s month theme according to the Philippine Commission on Women (PCW) is “We Make Change Work for Women”, which highlights the empowerment of women as active contributors to and claimholders of development.

For all the contributions they have made in our families, companies and communities, a salute to all the women — today and always!

(Article by Ador Hurtado)

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Mang Inasal opens in Catbalogan City

And Mang Inasal in Catbalogan City has officially opened!

Located at corner Allen Avenue and San Roque Street, a new two-story building rose at the heart of the city and is now ready to fill your unli-rice cravings and that juicy chicken inasal that Mang Inasal is most famous for.

Owned and franchised by Mr. Dev Murjani, the blessing and ribbon-cutting earlier today, March 07, 2019 was graced by corporate officials of Mang Inasal alongside Miss Cebu 2013, Ms. Neesha Murjani, daughter of the branch franchiser along with Acting Barangay Chairman, Sedfrey Uy of Barangay 04 Poblacion where the branch is operating representing on behalf of City Mayor Stephany Uy-Tan.

This is the first Mang Inasal branch in the city, which traces its origin in Iloilo City when the first barbecue fast food restaurant opened in 2003 and due to their popularity and profitability, Jollibee Foods Corporation (JFC) acquired 70% of Mang Inasal in 2010 and later acquired the remaining 30% of the company in 2016.

With their inclusion as one of the business units of JFC, Mang Inasal has now more than 500 branches all over the country and 90% are franchises.

Mang Inasal’s success is highly attributable to its wide array of Filipino comfort food, especially its famous Chicken Inasal that has this distinct taste that Pinoys have grown and continue to love. 

So head out now to Mang Inasal Catbalogan and don’t forget to bring along your family and friends because great foods are best shared with the people you love, and you’ll definitely love Mang Inasal.

(Photos by Ma Theresa Joyce Nabore and JOm DeLa Cruz; Article by Ador Hurtado)

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National Fire Prevention Month 2019

It’s okay to be hot, but always keep safe!

The whole month of March is declared as “National Fire Prevention Month” by virtue of Presidential Proclamation No. 115-A, but why every March of every year?

Simply for the reasons that it is during this month that most number of fires occur according to PSA and March is one of the hottest month in the country according to PAG-ASA signaling the start of the dry season leading to the month of May.

Also, March was also declared as the Burn Prevention Month, as per Proclamation 360 of former president Corazon Aquino in 1989 to “disseminate knowledge in the field of burn prevention and to enhance education in all phases of burn care”.

For year’s theme, it is “Ligtas na Pilipinas Ating Kamtin, Bawat Pamilya ay Sanayin, Kalaaman sa Sunog ay Palawakin”, which calls for a safe community by raising awareness on fire prevention and preparing families in cases of fires because fire safety is everyone’s concern.

Do you know what to do in case of fires?

Contact our local BFP at (055) 534-0481 for inquiries or any related assistance.

(Photos by Bureau of Fire Protection; Report by Ador Hurtado)

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Samar National School to raffle 1 million prize

And the last school to hold its alumni homecoming is Samar island’s oldest secondary school — Samar National School (SNS).

SNS alumni homecoming this year is hosted by Batch 1993 with their Grammys-themed celebration, which will run from April 22 – 28, 2019.

Bringing in the biggest grand prize in the history of alumni homecomings ever, Batch 1993 offers the chance to win their One Million Pesos grand prize to the lucky winner during the grand night.

Lots of major cash prizes are at stake alongside the fun moments that you can share with classmates to rekindle that old high school memories.

Have you booked already to be home this April for the Alumni Month?

Think no more, come home to Catbalogan!

(Photos provided by Batch 1993; Article by Ador Hurtado)

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Philippine Business Bank opens in Catbalogan City

Another bank has opened in Catbalogan City — Philippine Business Bank(PBB) and is conveniently located at corner Rizal Avenue and San Francisco Street, further cementing Catbalogan’s stronghold as the province’s capital.

Philippine Business Bank (also known as PBB) is a Filipino savings bank, which focuses on corporate and small and medium enterprises markets that provides close to a full range of banking services and products including cash management, retail and corporate lending, deposit products, international trade finance, treasury and trust products.

PBB is a part of the AMY Group, a conglomerate of companies owned by Alfredo M. Yao (or AMY); was incorporated as a Philippine corporation and registered with the SEC on January 28, 1997 as “Total Savings Bank”; and was granted the authority to operate as a thrift bank under the MB Resolution No. 29 dated January 8, 1997. 

Catbalogan has now more than ten (10) banks present with seven (7) commercial banks listed in the top ten banks of the Philippines according to Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP), proving our higher economic and commercial activity in the whole island of Samar.

(Photos by Aldwin Chow Giray; Report by Ador Hurtado)

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Local art shotout for Arts Month

Beauty is everywhere, only if you know where to find it.

Shoutout to Mr. Christ Palmiano for this beautiful artwork just in time for the 2019 National Arts Month (NAM) celebration this month of February.

Art in whatever medium or format is not only a depiction of the artist who made it but a reflection of the community around it.

Happy Arts Month, Catbalogan!

(Photo and painting by Christ Palmiano)

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Samar State University to celebrate alumni month with tomorrowland theme

Three (3) schools are simultaneously set to start Alumni Month this April 2019, and one of them is no less than Samar’s premier state university — Samar State University (SSU).

From April 08-14, 2019, this year’s grand alumni homecoming will be hosted by Batch 1993 with their theme “Tomorrowland Music Festival 2019” featuring THE BEST OF OUR YEARS.

From their kick off to fitness activities to entertainment madness; tributes to jubilarians; they have everything for everyone!

One highlight tradition of SSU homecoming is their annual search for outstanding alumni chosen from among themselves and voted by themselves — indeed a salute to those who made great contributions to various fields.

And who can miss the major prizes at stake on their grand night and at their boho/hawaiian beach craze capping off that weeklong celebration.

As they say, “Live. Love. Laugh. Dance. Win Prizes.”, alumni homecoming is indeed a reason to come home to Catbalogan!

(Photos provided by Batch 1993; Article by Ador Hurtado)

The 2019 42nd Grand Alumni Homecoming STS SSAT SSPC SSU

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Grotto of Catbalogan now


Today marks the 61st anniversary of the inauguration of the grotto of Our Lady of Lourdes in Catbalogan – the project initiated by the La Asocacion de Virgen de Lourdes.

It was under the leadership of Mrs. Angeles Esguerra Figueroa, the president of La Asocacion de la Virgen de Lourdes in 1958 when the grotto was inaugurated.

The celebration was presided by then Bishop Manuel P. Del Rosario, D.D. the Auxilliary Bishop of Calbayog and was highlighted by a noon-day Mass, the exact time when the Virgin Mary appeared in Massabielle (now the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Lourdes), France. 

A Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament was also held and many sick people were brought in wheelchairs who received the communion one-by-one from the parish priest, Msgr. Maximiano T. Cruz.

The message of Our Lady of Lourdes is a call to personal conversion, prayer and charity; and today, the grotto stands as a symbol of the Marian spirituality of Catbalogan.

(Photo by Rommel Rutor; Texts by Manuelito Sultan Uy)

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Alumni Month this April 2019

Barely two months left, Alumni Month is just around the corner!

Four (4) major schools in Catbalogan City are set to gather thousands of balikbayans and their respective alumni this April 2019 for a month of rekindling high school memories through fun outreach activities, festive parades, raffle of amazing prizes, and just reminiscing old high school spirit.

Alumni homecoming in St. Mary’s College of Catbalogan (SMCC), the first Catholic school in Samar will be hosted by Batch 1994; Samar Colleges, Inc.(SC), the first non-sectarian private school in Samar will be hosted by Batch 1993; Samar State University (SSU), the premier state university in Samar will be hosted by Batch 1993; and Samar’s oldest secondary school in Samar island — Samar National School (SNS), will be hosted by Batch 1993.

Have you decided already to be home during the Alumni Month this April 2019?

Don’t think twice, join the alumni fever and come home to Catbalogan City because you’re never too old to be with friends and you’re never too young have fun!

Shc-Smcc Grand Alumni Homecoming 2019
Samar College 2019 Grand Alumni Homecoming
The 2019 42nd Grand Alumni Homecoming STS SSAT SSPC SSU
2019 Samar High Grand Alumni Homecoming Music Festival

(Logos by respective host batches; Article by Ador Hurtado)

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